I Think That Disorders In Children Are Mostly Fictional

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    Hear Hear!

    Great group!This racket involving highly paid psychologists and my tax dollars HAS to stop!The parents are at fault too for jacking up their kids on Ritalin at age 7.Meanwhile kids of average and superior intellect can't get a dime to help them.My friend has a daughter who has an...
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    1 Response Apr 29, 2012
    prettysalient prettysalient
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    Apr 5, 2014

    If you think that children don't and/or can't

    have mental disorders than you need to step into reality. Children can be depressed, children can be suicidal, children can be bipolar, children can have phobias. I suffer from these and many more and I am only fourteen. Still a child, sadly. Don't say it's all fake because...
    CrazyGirlWithaHeart CrazyGirlWithaHeart
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    O.d.d. " Causes " ... You Have To Be Kidding Me

    Causes of Oppositional Defiant DisorderBy Mayo Clinic staffThere's no known clear cause of oppositional defiant disorder. Contributing causes may be a combination of inherited and environmental factors, including:A child's natural dispositionLimitations or developmental delays in...
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    The Child Disorder Myth

    Did you know that schools receive additional money from state and federal government for every child labeled and drugged? This clearly demonstrates a possible "financial incentive" for schools to label and drug children. It also backs up the alarming rise/increase in the...
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    Adhd Fraud

    What is the definition of ADD/ADHD according to the DSM_IV? ArticlesRoad.com May 29, 2010 The term “ADHD” is simply a label used to categorise a list of psychosocial traits that Psychiatry considers to be improper or abnormal in society. Psychiatry defines these traits as...
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    If you actually believe this you need to stop

    being ignorant and look at reality.
    SuperMarioT1 SuperMarioT1
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    If you actually believe this then you are naive.

    There are always those who will benefit of of a situation. The amount if children diagnosed has grown dramatically. Does this mean that there are those that should no be deemed sick, yes. Does it mean that there is no such thing, no. There are many conditions which we have...
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    I'm kinda undecided about this as I only really know about me. I'm pretty sure there was nothinng really wrong with me, though. Many would disagree I'm sure, lol; but I'm fairly certain I was perfectly normal really, just living in a disordered world.~Hobop.s.I only joined this...
    TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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    Apr 26, 2012
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