I Think That This Attacking Each Other Has Gone to Far

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    yes we are all here for the friendship and support of each other. and if we dont tell our stories then everyone will ever know what we are put together with and the support we need. We must be here for each other and arguing about some comment should not happen if we dont like...
    silvercoins4 silvercoins4
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    2 Responses Jun 19, 2008


    Stop bashing yourself and read www.invisibledriving.com . This is an amazing person who writes with authority by virtue of mandatory weirdness. Check it out,the humor and glee helped me a lot! Heh.  
    PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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    5 Responses Mar 9, 2008

    Dedicated to All Fallen Ep Members

    Yesterday, I signed in and when I looked at the right panel to see what was hot or happening in the online community, I noticed a user (a user that I'd never connected with) created a group called, "I'm Packing Up My Stories & Leaving EP". In the group, the...
    Dimples87 Dimples87
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    4 Responses May 22, 2008

    Enough Is Enough!

    Because I agree that this attacking each other has gone too far I am now going to devote myself exclusively to attacking myself.  Here goes.  --  You're arrogant!  Says who?  Says me!  Ah, since you put it that way, it must be true.  God, that...
    ElLagarto ElLagarto
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    12 Responses Jan 22, 2008

    I Haven't Been Attacked... Yet...

    but it quite disconcerting to see all this tension and unneeded drama...  since I have been on here actively I have seen at least a dozen attacks on people and their opinions and/or thoughts... I think we should all just live and let live... if someone says...
    phidget phidget
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    1 Response Jun 19, 2008

    Sad to See the Fighting.

    I hate seeing this here in what is supposed to be a supportive place. I know people get rubbed the wrong way. I know that sometimes this drives some to lash out. I know sometimes it may be justified. But bitching back and forth especially for everyone to see just makes a fool of...
    Cinderelly Cinderelly
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    4 Responses May 21, 2008
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