I Think the Pillsbury Doughboy Is Adorable

He's deliciously doughy... 151 People

    Like My Brother...

    I have no idea how this came about, but for some reason my older brother and I have always had this thing where I'll poke him in the stomach and he'll do the cute "hoohoo!" giggle like the doughboy...! ah, good times...
    realitychallenged realitychallenged
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Apr 7, 2008


    One of these days i will find him.
    MultiAtEverything MultiAtEverything
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jun 9, 2013

    Oh So Sweet

    I wish I could give the pillsbury doughboy a hug and poke him in the stomach. I gave my dad a shirt with him on it that said "Love Me. Squeeze Me, Take Me Home." I'd definetly would like to do just that.
    HurricaneLeia HurricaneLeia
    26-30, F
    Apr 11, 2008

    Poof! They're Gone!!!!

    I think the Pillsbury Dough boy is adorable.  I have a 10 month old grandson that looks just like him.  He's even shaped like him. I used to collect them.  I had the large cookie jar, the salt & pepper shakers,  and the spoon rest. I believe one of my...
    Insomniac Insomniac
    51-55, F
    May 16, 2008

    There Is Something Cute Abo...

    There is something cute about that squishy pile of dough.
    turtlemusic28 turtlemusic28
    26-30, F
    Apr 25, 2008

    But He's Naked!!!

    I wonder if he makes those noises during...oh, nevermind!
    debmichelle debmichelle
    1 Response May 29, 2008

    I Could Just Hug Him and Ki...

    I could just hug him and kiss him and squeeze him tight!
    keyna keyna
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Apr 25, 2008

    Poppin' Fresh!

    God, I think the Pillsbury Doughboy is the most gorgeously adorable little...thing (whatever he is!!) in the world. He has a cute smile too. But the best thing about him is when people poke him in the stomach and he giggles and smiles! I really want to poke him in the stomach...
    Yellowrhapsody Yellowrhapsody
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 22, 2008

    I Freaking Loveeeee Him

    i seriously wish i could hang out with this little guy for an afternoon and poke his tummy. :)
    runnagirrl runnagirrl
    22-25, F
    Apr 30, 2008

    Love Him And His Chewy-ness

    I have this odd habit where the moment I see anything that looks round, soft, squishy, and or CHEWY,  I feel the extreme urge to bite it. (I love chubby babies - but I swear! I am not a danger to them! I'll just love hugging them and their cute selves) So the first time I...
    ishha14 ishha14
    13-15, F
    May 22, 2010

    So Cute!

    And also representing one of my favorite things ever: Baked Goods! He's so cool, although I don't know why people are always mean to him and poke him on the belly. One day he's going to get angry and go postal...
    JonFurniss JonFurniss
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jun 4, 2008

    I Love His Adorablity !

     1998,  doing the new home stuff for the hundredth time.     We bought a set.   Salt & pepper shaker, spoon rest,  utility holder and  last but not least, the cookie jar.     I suppose you could say it was...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Jun 8, 2009

    Of Course

    I just want to push his stomach, then eat his cookies. That sounds wrong now that I look at it.
    deleted deleted
    Sep 24, 2011
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