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    Subway Ads Hit New York

    By Evan Buxbaum CNN NEW YORK (CNN) -- Some New Yorkers may want to reconsider exclaiming "Thank God" when arriving at their destination subway station beginning next Monday. Atheist organizations have purchased a month-long campaign that will place...
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    Christian No Wait Catholic

    clearly create "no war" THE CRUSADES big misconception/contradiction in many ways as for i use to be a christian i thought i was, but im not no more.. however what BUGS ME THE F*** out!! is that catholics hate beeing reminded in the past were they DID there Loyal believers wrong...
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    Pollution May Cause Appendicitis

    Appendicitis and Pollution google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Cases of appendicitis increased dramatically in industrialized countries in the 19th and early 20th centuries, then...
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    Belief In God(s) And The Human Mind

    Lately, I've been asked numerous times why I don't believe in god(s). The simplest answer, of course, is that the existence of such an entity is preposterously unlikely. There is zero evidence in favor of any god(s).  It seems a more valid question would be: Why does anyone...
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    Fountain of Youth In a Pill

    Pharmaceutical Fountain of Youth Could Cost Pennies By Brandon Keim June 2, 2008  |  9:18 am  |  Categories...
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    Hotmail Passwords Leaked Online

    October 5, 2009 9:02 AM PDT Report: Hotmail passwords leaked online by Don Reisinger Font size Print E-mail Share...
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    No Gods, No Masters, No Priests, No Pastors

    I'm a pastor's daughter.  I wasted 28 years of my life TRYING to believe in God, playing the good Christian role. GAG!!  I really hate my self for that.  I only have one life and I completely threw away 28 years of it!!! Well now I'm working on putting my life...
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    This is a powerful experience to express

    and I am confident many people share it. As one gets older, more and more loved ones die and looking forward, one will never see them again. The concept of 'closure' is an insensitive paradox as there never is closure, just life's other burdens mounting up as its own little...
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    Oct 11, 2015

    Promoting Christianity In Public Schools

    If there is still anyone left that thinks that Christianity is not just subtlety promoted but blatantly as well, how does this sit with you: My oldest son graduates from high school this year. This week is homecoming, and the senior class had t-shirts printed up for the seniors...
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    Welcome Rationalists, Brights, and Freethinkers...

    To a group were we can entertaining and logical discussions about philosophy, science, religion, or anything else that tickles our fancy.  I hope you enjoy.  I will try to post something about a new scientific or medical breakthrough weekly - but that is an...
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    Top 10 Coolest Discoveries In 2009 - Thank You Wired.com

    Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2008 By Aaron Rowe January 5, 2009  |  2:32 pm  |  Categories: Uncategorized...
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    I Think Therefore I Am An Atheist

    I was born to Jewish parents in a Jewish family. My family brought me up in a Jewish day school, where I was a loyal and faithful Jew every day, no matter what would happen. I prayed to "God" every day and I read the Bible three times a week when I was younger. I had a cousin who...
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    Over the past six months

    or so, my position regarding religion, faith, and beliefs have slightly adjusted. I will always be an Atheist, however I am also a Humanist and a Freethinker, who tolerates and respects the individual and their set of personal beliefs. Being a Freethinker, means that we...
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    I Began To Question The Existence Of God When I Was About 7 Years Old.

    I grew up what I like to call "sometimes Catholic", Easter, Christmas and anytime someone questioned my parent about why they haven't seen them in church lately. My dad gave us children a choice, Sunday school or church with them. I didn't want to go to either but I chose...
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    Admitting To Atheist

    I am sixteen years old, and was raised a Christian. Recently, or maybe it was an ongoing process, I have decided, or rather concluded that I am an Atheist. I guess I feel guilty. Like I'm betraying some sort of entity. Maybe thats just my Mothers influence, giving me that sense...
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