I Think Tks Is a Beautiful Goddess

TKS the real American women... 14 People


      TKS is a very loving interesting woman since the first day I met her. I enjoy my conversation with this woman. She is a very interesting and loving woman. Talking to her you have a sense of a very caring and loving woman / mother... She sets her priorities for others...
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    She is amazing. She is so strong, and so beautiful. I know her and I don't talk much, but I still think she is an amazing goddess, and think she is worth so much than she gives herself creidt for. I Love her very much. She has helped me a Lot. She is like a...
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    1 Response Dec 4, 2009

    She Is Really

    a great and fantastic person that gets the bad end of the stick, she is such a warm and affectionate person and a great friend to me. We don't get to talk often cause of our lives but when we do it is unload time and it is good to hear her voice. She is always willing to hear...
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