I Took My Shoes Off

...and I will throw them in the lake and i will be two steps on the water. 52 People

    Laugh Or Cry

    conversation at the doctors went something like this. How can I help? I think I may be depressed again. Would you like some more tablets? No. Do you think counselling would help? I don't know. Would you like to take some time off work to recover? I don't want to end up...
    Blackapple Blackapple
    Mar 30, 2009

    Sea and Shingle

    I managed to walk on a beach for the first time in 6 months this week. I feel like I have grown younger by around 10 years. The sound of the sea. the wind washing the surf against my shins. The careful and considered journey across the shingle avoiding the uncomfortable routes...
    Blackapple Blackapple
    Aug 16, 2009


    Anyone girls down to ****???
    Faqoff123 Faqoff123
    31-35, M
    Oct 1, 2013

    Shoes This Week

    We have had shoes thrown at presidents. Shoefiti seems to be taking off. I wonder if there is some strange link to the zietgiest that is permeating the life we currently live. In this time of credit crunch and depression, are we saying something when we throw our shoes. Is it...
    Blackapple Blackapple
    Mar 12, 2009
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