I Took The Red Pill

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    Reality, Thought And Mental Reboot

    This is a bit of an odd one...as indicated by the fact that I couldn't decide what category to put it in. A little while ago I had a kind of mini breakdown due to various different factors..it wasn't pleasant (I doubt these things ever are) and affected me physically...
    vulpageist vulpageist
    31-35, M
    Feb 27, 2010

    The Paradigm Problem: Why Everything You Know Is Wrong

    We all march to the beat of our own paradigm. A paradigm (as it is used here in a non-scientific context) refers to the framework or pattern of thought we use to determine our perception of events. Our paradigms are infused with prejudices, assumptions, expectations, and...
    kayaker712 kayaker712
    61-65, M
    Apr 9, 2011

    I took the red pill and sometimes I regret it.

    The things I see going on around me are hard to ignore. The things most of population find interesting to me are a bore. I'm often angered at things other people seem to not mind. I often seek, then are troubled by what I find. I took the red pill and sometimes I regret it...
    TerricaAmerica TerricaAmerica
    26-30, F
    Mar 7, 2015

    The Gullible Mind Explained

    In light of the string of the blatant falsehoods being announced by the U.S. government these days (FDA, DHS, White House, etc.) it's interesting that so many people still believe whatever they are told by "official" sources. It brings up the question of the functioning of their...
    kayaker712 kayaker712
    61-65, M
    May 6, 2011
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