I Trust God to Guide Me

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    Just Like A Pencil

    I'd like to share this beautiful allegory with you: A Pencil Maker told the Pencils five important lessons.. First, everything you do will always leave a mark. Second, you can always correct the mistakes you make. Third, what is important is what is inside you. Fourth, in...
    PicturesqueFirmament PicturesqueFirmament
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    I know you have goals

    for me father! I am not ashamed of being your daughter. I have made many mistakes, but regardless, you are waiting right there for me to turn to you and ask for your help! Forgive me!!! Father, all i ask for is for the love of my life to be home soon. I will remain patient...
    caradellarose caradellarose
    22-25, F
    Nov 29, 2015

    I just told somebody

    that I couldn't pursue a relationship with them anymore because even though I love her with all my heart ..we have to share the same beliefs . I live my life for God & if you can't roll with that then I have to ride without you 💔
    EricTheHooper EricTheHooper
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    i don't know what to do.

    i have heard that God only speaks to us in peace. i think i have been feeling scared panicked. it did not help me. God knows of myself i am powerless. so i will do my best not to sin and wait for God to guide me.
    kpl2014 kpl2014
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    1 Response Jan 26, 2016

    I believe I did the right thing

    because a while back I was having problems with my ex. but now that I trusted in God everything is better now and I feel very confident that things will go great with or without my ex.
    yiyya yiyya
    22-25, F
    May 14, 2015

    The Power Of Coincidence

    I was on my online dating website the other day and I received a contact from an attractive man. So I responded to him. Ironically, he looks like an older version of my ex-husband. My ex-husband was an IT executive when I met him. We got engaged while he was still working a...
    Reproof Reproof
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    2nd September 2015. My first counselling

    and therapy session last night left me emotionally drained. Gosh it's hard opening up and asking for help. Specially if your a man who thinks I've coped all my life but why not now. Drained and taking the day for solitude and prayer, I was accompanied by an angel. In the cool...
    NottsProfGent NottsProfGent
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    Te Lo Imploro

    "En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo Y del Espiritu Santo, Amen"Diosito, hoy vengo a ti de rodillas y con lagrimas en mi ojos, para humildemente rogarte misericordia hacia mi. Te ruego que mi libres de los malos pensamientos en contra de mi projimo, aunque estos me hayan pisoteado...
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    Amazing Grace

    How you climb up mountains, is just as important as how you climb down a mountain And so it is with life, which for many of us becomes one big gigantic test, followed by one big gigantic lesson In the end, it all comes down to one word, GRACE. Its how you accept winning and...
    light111 light111
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    3 Responses Nov 11, 2013

    How God Offered Me Assurance And Encouragement Through A Homeless Man

    I'm a sophmore in highschool and I decided to take the absolute most time-consuming class offered at my school: AP European history. It is really challenging and on average I spend about 6 hours on homework per night. I also volunteer at a haunted house that raises money for my...
    Maddydoo Maddydoo
    1 Response Nov 3, 2013

    I Trust Him

    I know He guides me every step of the way. Sometimes i forget Him but I feel His presence wherever I go. I trust Him.... I'm happy cause He has given me a second chance to know Him better. I pray he teaches me,every single day, to walk by faith and not by sight. Mind u, I still...
    peace90 peace90
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    1 Response Nov 10, 2013

    A Letter To God :)

    There is a great deal of depression that has overtaken my soul,It floods deep within, into every inch that makes me whole.I wonder and worry of thought throughout the day,What is to come, to my dismay.As a flood of tears pour out of me in all my expressions, more and more comes...
    SilentSpeaker SilentSpeaker
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    Pretty22 Pretty22
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    I have a spot, on top of the hill behind my house, where I go to pray. This beautiful, soft, forrest green moss covers the ground up there. There is a weathered, gray tree stump up there. It is a peacful spot. There is a "U" shaped open field surrounded by trees. The front...
    Reproof Reproof
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    Gods guidance is what we should pray for.

    .. everyday of our lives and to receive his guidance is to know and feel his love for us...#GodsLove
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    God, Needs To Stop Speaking In Code.

    I do trust God to guide me, but he has to stop speaking to me in code. He really does need to be a little more clear and direct. He needs to break down his message in steps. Because, right now, I am not sure what to do first, and in this case, with the current series of events...
    neuilly neuilly
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    9 Responses Nov 6, 2012

    The picture says it all.

    Everything happens for a reason. Often we don't understand the why when we are going through it, but later it becomes clear. I trust in God to guide me. I should be dead a few times over at this point in my life. I've both lived to die, and been saved from terrible fates. It's...
    NewEra0916 NewEra0916
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    3 Responses May 3, 2015
    elizabethfitzgerald elizabethfitzgerald
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    1 Response May 31, 2014

    I believe that God's plan is better

    than one that I could create for myself:)
    O123445 O123445
    18-21, F
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    But Sometimes It's So Difficult

    I get so impatient, so doubtful sometimes...walking on this path.  It isn't that I doubt my faith or my journey.  I doubt myself.  I become so impatient to get to the next great thing.  When my grandmother was alive we visited about this quite often.  She had told me one...
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    SOME BEAUTIFUL QUOTES - * “Faith don't come

    in a bushel basket, Missy. It come one step at a time. Decide to trust Him for one little thing today, and before you know it, you find out He's so trustworthy you be putting your whole life in His hands.” * “Strength of my heart, I need not fail, Not mind to fear but to...
    nivanvc nivanvc
    41-45, M
    Nov 3, 2015

    God.. What Next?

    Have you ever felt a presence that you know deep in your gut that it is of the Light? Whether imagined or not... it happens to me quite often ! No... I am not certifiable either! I guess some would argue that to.. Anytime I am in the deepest depression, u hear it! Yeah, it sounds...
    Shewolfiie69 Shewolfiie69
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    I except what is given to me

    and what I don't receive on this earth will come to me I. Good measures in heaven
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    Jan 15, 2016

    Just love this song..

    . I can't count the broken roads I've been down But all I know Something had to give Something had to give 'Cause living my life so wild and free Finally caught up Oh it left me broken, left me hopeless But that's where I met Jesus And in one moment everything changed Who I...
    JasonE81 JasonE81
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    1 Response Oct 18, 2015

    The God Gun

      Jim was a 32 year old father of two. His marriage unraveled right before his eyes. It almost didn’t seem fair to him. He never wanted this to happen. He had never cheated on his wife. He was hard working. He loved his wife and kids. And yet, his wife had an affair...
    Reproof Reproof
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    13 Responses Aug 8, 2008

    I've made many mistakes in my life.

    So I made the choice to let God take the front wheel and control the direction of my life..... Best choice I've ever made
    mt090 mt090
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jun 8, 2014
    beautifulsoul8 beautifulsoul8
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    1 Response Aug 15, 2014

    God's delicate balance in life: So beautiful

    is God's creation that He has incorporated a delicate, fine and functional balance in nature, which occurs seemingly magically and naturally. Several of life's most intense mysteries are somehow cleared by God's omniscient hand. For example, how does one explain that in some...
    IamnotCharlieSheen IamnotCharlieSheen
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    1 Response Aug 13, 2014

    I trust him that he will help me through this

    confusion and everything. I dont know if he is doing this to test my patience or is he telling me that I don't need him? I feel like everyday for the past 7 weeks -i check the mail over and over again-and nothing comes. I dont know what to expect anymore. I want to feel wanted...
    ninjasamisan ninjasamisan
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    One of the duties of man is to cultivate his inner joy. But many religions have forgotten this precept. Most temples are dark and cold. The liturgical music is pompous and sad. Priests wear black. Rites celebrating the torture and the martyrs and compete in representations of...
    juliegirlie juliegirlie
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    4 Responses Jul 16, 2011

    Hardships will make you

    or break you. It's just a matter of whether you will succumb to the depression or face it with your head held high. In order for you to achieve this, you need companions -- companions that will stay by your side no matter what the situation may be. and most of all. You need the...
    hunnypooh102513 hunnypooh102513
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    3 Responses Oct 3, 2014

    .... at least, I'm trying to!

    Sometimes it can be a real challenge...
    AnglicanClergyman AnglicanClergyman
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    1 Response Feb 21, 2016

    Seek Him And You Will Find Him

    God is my number one man..I am slowly learning to trust Him with bits of me...surrendering to Him all that I can't control..am learning if I let Him have His way in my life things will work out.He knows the plans He has for me so I have to surrender it all to Him.
    CurvyandChic CurvyandChic
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 29, 2013

    A few months ago, my parents got divorced.

    After I was moved down to Florida with my mother and siblings, I fell into a depression. I thought multiple times about hurting myself to get attention. I had so many personal problems with my family. Everything, including school, was extremely overwhelming. I still miss my...
    deleted deleted
    Feb 21, 2015

    When I am Driving

    On the way home from my college today, I hit a lovely road full of high-priced houses and some beautiful forests. The road is very curvy, but I'm getting used to driving it. Plus, I was too busy in meditation to care. I let the song blasting from my car's speakers consume me...
    HungryLikeThe HungryLikeThe
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    Oct 18, 2015

    God - Inside Or Outside ?

    I feel I've a God inside my soul. Hope He could understand me. I know He could help me in my life.
    juliegirlie juliegirlie
    41-45, M
    7 Responses Mar 18, 2011

    I want to be closer to God today.

    Then closer still the day after.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Aug 8, 2015
    Aaaashton Aaaashton
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    1 Response Apr 5, 2015

    How Can I Not Trust Him?

    I was running late to work this morning...later than usual.  Going over in my mind all of the stress and happenings of the past few days and the list of things I had to do for the next few days is my morning ritual as I frantically keep an eye on the clock trying to keep it all...
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    10 Responses Mar 17, 2011

    My Peace

    Things are how they are for a reason. The world isn't evil, but the things we do are evil. Animals aren't evil, people feared wolves and killed them just because of this fear. They didn't want to share land with them, totally forgetting the fact that it's their world too...
    svegirl924 svegirl924
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 14, 2013

    I think the reason why I'm mad is she looks

    so much like me and I hate her so much for what she has done. Damn!!!! But I decide to let go, if that's what god guides me to. Peace and be happy. Cherish what I have now and don't be stupid with the past, the past is in the past.
    LouieD LouieD
    31-35, F
    Aug 11, 2014
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