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I Trust People A Lot

...some people say---trust no one....some say they do not even trust themselves...but i say--no trust no meaningful communication/relationship... 3 People

    ..backing From Jesus Makes Me To...

    When you have the support of JESUS CHRIST you will not be afraid to trust people. HE is always there to direct and guide you when people try to mess you up as long as you walk with HIM and allow him to teach you what to do.HIS LOVE ENDURES AND SEES ME THROUGH....
    bukks bukks 31-35, F Aug 10, 2011

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    ...i Trust People But Am Also Watchful And Careful Too...

    A relationship without well does it last? A business partnership without trust, how can you progress? I trust people and am always managing it very well.....when u have no trust, its as good as hating someone but pretending to like the person just to keep up the link...
    bukks bukks 31-35, F Jul 16, 2011

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