I Understand More Than Most People Think I Do

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    I Get It!!!!

    I'm on a LOT of medications and part of the side effects are that they can make me seem pretty foggy a lot of the time, so sometimes it can seem like I don't understand things when I do.  It can really hurt my feelings because people forget that I'm just as smart as I always...
    keyna keyna
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jun 27, 2008

    Understand More Then Most

    I may pretend I don't but I understand more than most people think I do.  Do you understand?  LOL  ;P
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    May 16, 2011


    i quickly understand a lot of complexities and implications that people assume i don't pick up on, just because i don't talk about the fact that i do. the things that speak the most to me i keep closest to my heart.
    journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
    26-30, F
    1 Response Nov 2, 2007


    Most people in my life don't think of me as being a smart person, but in reality I have them fooled. They think that I'm incompitant and that I have no idea about half of the things I do. For example, my sarcastic humour is above anyone that I know. They think that it's me being...
    ForeversNever ForeversNever
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Sep 12, 2008


    I like to think I understand people but I suppose that's simply my own perception. I tend to be more of a listener than a talker. That's not to say I can't talk ... I can talk a lot! Usually though I find myself listening. Maybe I just have friends that talk a lot! lol Much can...
    SeriouslySappy SeriouslySappy
    51-55, F
    Jul 13, 2010

    Faux Intelligence

    I just like to be underestimated, it gives me an advantage when people try to take advantage of my apparent lack of understanding.
    AtomicWater AtomicWater
    41-45, F
    Jun 5, 2010

    I understand most of people in the world

    as I am able to think and feel keeping myself into their shoes.. And when I do that I realize that whatever someone has gone through, it's hard but it's ok .. I always feel that there are nothing like right thing or wrong thing.. So whatever we have home through, we can always...
    xRohit xRohit
    31-35, M
    1 Response Mar 15, 2015

    Holden Caulfield Syndrome

    I grew up in a house completely controlled by emotional undercurrents. My father, who we've recently decided demonstrates borderline personality behavior, had made us all slaves to his moods. My mother, a people pleaser, taught us to be afraid of other people's disapproval...
    BookNerd BookNerd
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Nov 14, 2007

    I'm a Bit Angry At People Here On Ep

    I'm tired of people judging me. I am not only here to "talk" but to listen. I am making the initiative, telling my ep circle, yes you can talk to me. You don't have to ignore me. I've been through quite a lot in my life, I'm tired of people underestimating me. That's...
    Readerblackchic Readerblackchic
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 2, 2009


    I actually do understand things that people tell me.. So i hate when they repeat it.. or when i say. "yes, i understand" they argue against it.. It's like they want to deny that i understand...for some reason. but i do..
    xScreamOfTheButterflyx xScreamOfTheButterflyx
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 15, 2008

    Explanation Not Required

    I don't look like I'm all that smart and I don't know all that many big words either. I am usually a quiet type but once I get to really know a person they find out that I know and understand a lot more that what I had let one to believe.I don't need long explanations just quick...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 12, 2012

    Way More...

    People don't think I can understand what others have gone through, but just because I haven't gone through certain things, doesn't mean I can't understand. I read about something tragic that has happened to someone, I can put myself in their situation, and really understand. Most...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 27, 2009

    They Think I'm Stupid Enough

    Some people tend to think that I was stupid and insensitive. They say I'm a bit slow.. but how is it that I can always lead my friends to say the truth whenever they wish not to say them? Indeed, I sometimes pretend not to feel what they are feeling... but only to see how'd...
    junemae junemae
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 28, 2008

    I Like to Think...

    I'm quiet good at reading body language.and can sortof tell the difference between what people say and what they 'say'. sometimes i cant verballise what i want to say very well, but I'l be able to poke holes in your arguement! (there again sometimes its just nice to play dumb...
    bluebird45 bluebird45
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 16, 2008

    I Understand

    I understand,More than people realise,More than I let on,Thinking,On many levels,I understand.
    startinover1 startinover1
    Apr 22, 2012

    Just Because I Don't Answer

    Doesn't mean I don't understand, although it's always nice to have a verbal response when asking a question and expecting an answer to confirm that I do understand.  I observe and analyze what I see and try and understand and interpret.  I notice more than most people...
    filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 10, 2009

    "if Only They New".........

    I know that this and will always but it can sometimes be hard to hold on to the last thing that is keeping you from falling apart..... My parents there falling apart...but i am breaking...My parents keep on falling but i have already every bone shatters and each moment you are...
    Anto815 Anto815
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Mar 10, 2011

    Whether I am young or not I understand thing

    most adults don't. Before I open my mouth and state my opinion I do my research, some of should consider doing the same.
    mstv1112 mstv1112
    22-25, F
    Nov 20, 2014

    Why Do I Understand?

         In high school I was voted most quiet by a few people. I moved around so much I developed the habit to sit and listen. My Dad also taught us children were to be seen and not heard. This habit has carried me into addulthood and some fellow workers do not...
    moonwalker moonwalker
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Aug 30, 2008

    It hurts to see other people have what you

    never had. Worse if they are your friends, or once were. I understand how your feeling. If you need me I will always be here for you. I promise I will not give up on you, grow tired of you. Block you. Hugs
    JennaR JennaR
    51-55, F
    1 Response Jun 24, 2014

    Say Less Than Necessary

    one of the laws of power and influence. never let anyone know anything they don't need to know, unless it will better your position. mystery is a powerful tool. people who think you are naive or stupid won't defend themselves the same way they would for others. this gives me...
    EntrepGuy EntrepGuy
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Dec 18, 2007

    It Gets Me So Mad.

    everyone who has met me thinks that because i have trouble speaking that i am dumb.infact most of the people who know me treat me like a small kid.it gets me mad.even my brothers do it.they act as though i need to be babysat or something.i know i have problems,but i do...
    ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
    Sep 6, 2011


    I see alot of things that everyone thinks I should just keep to my self. I am not a dummy. I didn't finish school due to I had to take care of my sick mother. I got to 11th grade. I really dont think a job should depend on if you have graduate or not...that really doesn't mean...
    firestarterfairy firestarterfairy
    22-25, F
    1 Response Feb 20, 2008

    It Is Not Fair

    I am a thinking person. I am a feeling person. I am an observant person. I see everything that happens and I understand why it all happens. You blame me. But it is you. It all happens because of you.
    Dahliamakestwo Dahliamakestwo
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Oct 11, 2010

    What This Boils Down to

    Is i hate phrases like "you are too young to understand" "until you actually give birth you don't know what it's like to be a mom" and so on and so forth. I don't say much about the things i know because i am sick of people discrediting me because i am too...
    Shierke Shierke
    26-30, F
    1 Response May 14, 2008

    Do You Know How To Use A Microwave?

    I have Asperger's syndrome, which is one of the milder forms of autism (which, for those who don't know, is a massive spectrum of ability and disability). Whilst some with autism have significant intellectual impairments, I most certainly do not. Sometimes, especially when I am...
    cooliomccool cooliomccool
    2 Responses Jan 2, 2012

    I've learned the psychological skills of how to

    converse with others and have them enjoy my company. I can simply target people who I want respect from, and usually succeed within a few interactions. Pretty cool if you ask me. I don't actually care how people think of me unless I'm at work or trying to get connections. Theres...
    PuckDrop PuckDrop
    22-25, M
    Oct 18, 2014

    Sometimes people annoy the heck out of me.

    This week has been awful and I wish it was over
    56-60, F
    1 Response Jun 26, 2014

    I Understand More Than Most People Thank I Do

     but a whole lot less than I'd like to.
    onlinegrandpa onlinegrandpa
    2 Responses Dec 15, 2008
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