I Use Proper English On The Internet

Are you sick of the dumbed-down shorthand being used on the internet and text messages? Share your stories! 426 People

    Not all the time. But yeah ,

    my written and spoken English can be flawless when I want it to be.
    DaSlayer DaSlayer
    36-40, M
    Oct 19, 2015

    Not A Grammar Nazi But...

    It is pretty irritating to see how many people have basically given up on spelling. I try not to be a jerk about it, and usually just let it slide when I see it, but every once and a while I just get fed up. Is it really that much more convenient to type "2" instead of "to" or "u...
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    3 Responses Aug 10, 2011

    Please, Is It So Hard?

    Is the art of writing truly dead? How many sentences do I have to decipher because someone is too lazy/ignorant/cool/other to write properly? It would seem that it would behoove someone to write properly if he is trying to impress someone else. Maybe it's just me?
    PaigeKelly111 PaigeKelly111
    36-40, F
    4 Responses Aug 8, 2013

    I won't talk to you if you don't.

    It's taxing and exhausting when someone talks like this : Ey bby, I saw it PrOfile n the site n Though u was kute no wntd 2 tlk 2 u! So Wht r u up 2? I will not respond until you pull out a dictionary. I'm worth that much. Isn't this more enjoyable to read: Hey there! I...
    breannajust breannajust
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 20, 2014

    Using proper English is very important on the

    Internet, in my opinion. Sure, if I'm joking around, I'll type illiterate, but other than that, I'll be literate. I can't take anyone seriously when they type illiterate and are trying to prove a point or ask a question or type an experience.
    MisunderstoodGirl69 MisunderstoodGirl69
    16-17, F
    May 17, 2015


    I prefer to use proper English online. I'll admit to the occasional misplaced apostrophe, and I'm forever abusing ellipses...but overall, my grammar is good.And anyway, txt spk hurts my eyes!
    Plaid Plaid
    31-35, F
    Sep 15, 2012

    What do you mean by "Proper English"?

    When you say proper English, does it mean grammatically correct? Or it means English that does not have profanities or vulgar words on it? What is proper proper? What is English English?
    sehunscott sehunscott
    22-25, F
    Oct 19, 2015

    LadyHeartnMind LadyHeartnMind
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 15, 2016

    Except for questions

    because they give you limited space so you have to use u fir you and & for and to give yourself more space and other tricks- leave out the question mark etc.
    QuestionMarks QuestionMarks
    41-45, F
    Nov 15, 2015

    If you're going to add me

    as a friend or message me, I hope you take the time to get to know me by reading my profile and browsing my stories. Since that is (should be) the case, take note of this: I will not message you back of you don't know and UTILIZE the rules of the English language. I am sick of...
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    3 Responses Mar 25, 2014
    Nijima Nijima
    41-45, M
    Jan 25, 2014

    I Believe Good Grammar Is A Reflection On The Person

    Irrespective of what I write or where I write it, I try to use correct grammar. I sometimes cringe at the standard of emails that are sent backwards and forwards in work - text speak within emails of a professional organisation has no place as far as I'm concerned.
    deleted deleted
    Nov 22, 2013

    I hate it when people text me

    and they are short texting, it just rapidly reduces a persons intelligence in my opinion. Write properly people, you are making yourselves look thick with short texting!
    deleted deleted
    Mar 19, 2014


    I frequent forums revolving around subjects that interest me, such as ocarinas and lucid dreaming.Although I am thirteen, many, often judging by the manner in which I speak over the internet believe me to be much older.I find that it makes me look more trustworthy and...
    amandaceline amandaceline
    13-15, F
    1 Response Dec 18, 2011

    And in text messages too.

    I'd feel odd if I didn't.
    deleted deleted
    Jul 28, 2014

    I like to use proper spelling

    and punctuation in english, especially on the internet dispite me being a teenager, because alot of teenagers these days often use slangs.
    Tagstar2000 Tagstar2000
    16-17, M
    2 Responses Nov 22, 2015

    I use proper English in text messages

    and casual conversation as well. I try not to dismiss people who don't use proper grammar and composition but the simple truth is, it's difficult to take them seriously.
    PoisonedQuill PoisonedQuill
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 27, 2014
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