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    Sumimumabitch - Yea, I Said It...

    During my travels from the East  to the West Coasts and from the North to the South, i have picked up on many dialects.  The main dialect i now use is from my ventures in Alabama.  Man, Bama was a culture shock all it itself.  The things i saw, the things i...
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    Tickled Pink

    Honestly, i dont know where "Tickled Pink" came from.  Maybe i heard it somewhere, idk.  I use "Tickled Pink" as a response to anything that is just sooooooooooo dang on funny.  LOL. I.E. -> "I was just too 'Tickled Pinked'." OR...
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    Just another way to say "coincidence."  Also, a *cuter* way.
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    Surely Not

    This is what my younger brother claims, but you can't trust him, as he's wack.
    learntocook learntocook
    Aug 7, 2010


    Shyea is "**** Yea".  Its used when one is really excited or trying to make a point.  Yes, yet another word i learned in Bama, almost 5 years ago and use i still it to this day. Scenario - Your favorite ball player as  the ball.  It doesnt look like...
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    Jul 26, 2009


    TABOO. i create words that are said to be taboo. I use the word "ngek" as for "what?!" People from Philippines know those words, many people here use that expression. I also have my own strange word like the "eek" I just say that for no reason at...
    boznicxs boznicxs
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    Ima is one of those country-assed words. lol. It can be used in any sentence. Ima means, "I Am About To," and is used when you are going to do something or if you have read any of the other stories in this group - it means "Fitna" or "Fixin" to do...
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    Animals Get Crazy Names From Me

    I don't call a dog a "dog" - I call it a "Puppy Dog" I don't call a cow a cow - To me, it's a "Moo-Cow" A roach isn't a roach in my eyes - I's a "Roach-bug" (same goes for all bugs, except ants - even houseflies are "Fly-bugs"...
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    Strange Words

    When I speak, chat or whatever, I always use the dialect / slang.  I know it isn't proper at times but I like doing it! 
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
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    just another way to say, 'idea' or 'thought'. 
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    Nov 28, 2009

    Bad-bage & Babbage --- Only Grass Smokers Use These 2 Words

    Bad-bage and Babbage are slang words for "Garbage" and are usually used when referring to "Garbage" weed... Words that are used to describe good weed are Fire, Pote (Potent), and yes; Dat Killah...
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    Strange Words Are A College Level Vocabulary.

    I joined this group, and am posting this story because I have developed a vocabulary that doesn't fit in with the "Dumbing Down of America." Since the norm is defined by the majority, I guess that makes me the weird one. I just hope it's going to be enough to be accepted at SLU...
    breastsuckle breastsuckle
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    lol. i love the hell out of "Damn-Skippy."  Saying it just makes me feel good.  I normally use it at the end of a statement when i am trying to make a point or when i am trying to compliment someone... IE- "You're damn-skippy, Im right." --- as you...
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    It means, "******* Ugly!!!"
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    Jan 4, 2010

    I Can't Help It

    I use strange medical terms.It is out of the need to inform patients of their diagnosis and help them understand how their mind and body works.Some of my colleagues scratch their heads and wonder what in the world did I just tell them about a patient.It isn't bad, I just combine...
    WildSpectrumArts WildSpectrumArts
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    A Tribute to Mayflower

    My Mom created a whole new way with words and they are recognized by our family and friends. We have all followed her path and this makes life very interesting. Her children are known as the "Twitticais" if we are not in favour. If someone is unsavoury they are...
    Lozi Lozi
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    Sep 25, 2009

    Blue Collar Bumpkins

    I work in manual labour environments where sports analogies ride tall in the saddle and the dictionary is just a **** joke waiting to happen. I get a lot of grief from co-workers about the size and obscurity of the words I use in everyday conversation. The thing is, I have it...
    redbad redbad
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    "Damn! It's mighty nipply out." Nipply simply means that it is so COLD outside that it makes you nipples stand at attention.  
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    When saying the word 'Fifty-leven', you are actually saying 'Fifty-Eleven'... But this word is broken down further in its meaning which is, 'a whole lot'.  Just a weird way to say you have or know a lot of specific people, places, or things.
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    "Thug-Dizzle" is one of my favorite words to use.  It's just 'trill'.  "Thug-Dizzle" has a couple of meanings.  It can mean "handling your business," "chilln or on the verge chilln," or just "being or doing who and...
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    My Own Words

    that my friends cannot understand. They are really strange, they are my self-constructed words. :)
    dazzlingeyes dazzlingeyes
    18-21, F
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    One of my all time favorites is defenistrate.

    The fact that there is an actual word for throwing someone or something out of a window is very interesting.
    Streak507 Streak507
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Feb 14, 2015
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