I Used to Play the Piano

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    I use to play piano. My favorite pianists that I looked up to were Chopin and Beethoven... Chopin more so, though. And when I was 13, my parents got me an piano and placed it in the basement. No, they didn't think I played badly! It was the only place for it, since the huge...
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    About Age 5

    The family went to see The Sound of Music.  When we arrived home, apparently I sat down at the piano and began playing one of the tunes from it.  I'd had no real coaching before, but must've had some time to figure out where the notes were.  They were a bit...
    Koala1964 Koala1964
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    P i a n o

    I used to play the piano. I was 5 when my parents bought it. I liked the high black keys. I made "Chinese music". I began lessons...it was ok...something to do. I always felt like a fake. I would get so bogged down in errors. There were lots of good moments though...
    soulshadow soulshadow
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    I played the piano for 12 years. After many years of lessons, I did play it a little bit for my own enjoyment, finding tunes to play around with. I loved the feeling of my fingers on the keys, the coordination, reaching the octaves, and finding an inspirational part of a piece...
    Lucidblue Lucidblue
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    Me 2 Sophmore Year

    lol yea at my highschool in tenth grade with a bunch of ghetto kids lol trying to play piano as an elective aww that was cute I liked it haha I learned some of the advanced keys too like the black ones
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    I Miss It...

    I Miss It The One Thing That Actually Made Me Happy Always Cheered Me Up Always Gave Me Goosebumps And Butterflies Always Made My Soul Get Fired Up Always Made My Fingers Dance Always Made My Head Sway Always Made Me Cry Tears Of Happiness Always Made Me Smile Always Made Me...
    ILeo ILeo
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    I grew up taking piano lessons,

    mostly because of my grandmother, but I enjoyed it, and I still enjoy all kinds of piano music
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    I Remember The Cold Feel Of The Keys...

    I Remember The Cold Feel Of The Keys Below My Fingertips The Goosebumps Traveling From The Back Of My Hands To The Back Of My Neck The Tightening In My Throat Of Nervousness The Shivers Of Anticipation Of What Was To Come The Blood In My Body Rushing To My Brain A Euphoria Of...
    ILeo ILeo
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    I started playing piano

    when I was about 4. My parents got one for my brother, and so I wouldn't be jealous, they put me in lessons too. I surpassed my brother. And for about 10 years I played. But it got too much for me. I stopped playing. I may return to it sometime, but I'm enjoying my time off...
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