I Ve Always Felt Like I Have Nothing Great To Give A Guy

no decent guy even wanted my virginity that is how pathetic I am so I got rid of it with the doctors forceps n circumcision I was a dirty ugly virgin 29 People

    Still~ Still waiting

    after all these years alone. I thought about this after I joined this group and thought I'd made a mistake. Actually, I haven't.. Always lived a VERY sheltered life, not really trusting anyone besides my family. I never really had much luck with men at all! I always felt this...
    parakeet8157 parakeet8157
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    4 Responses Jan 28, 2014
    UselessAreTheseChains UselessAreTheseChains
    Jan 14, 2014

    Feel Like Ever Guy Is Out Of My League

    There's this guy that I really like and everyone at my school thinks my sister is so hot so all the hot guys are like I would only like her (as in me) if she looked more like her sister and I get so mad because that's how it is with almost very guy I like and I don't really like...
    Victoria19 Victoria19
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    2 Responses Mar 16, 2012

    I Lost My Virginity Young...

    Willingly is the saddest part... A twelve year old is not suppose to give herself away to a boy of her same age without a thought. Now that I look back I regret every second of it... I regret the boys and men to come after him, I regret my experimentation with other girls, I...
    he8myheart he8myheart
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    1 Response Apr 29, 2013
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