I Wake Up Sleepy

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    My Husband Has Sleep Apnea And Won't Get Treatment.

    my husband has gained a lot of weight,hes like 100lbs to heavy.he drinks heavy also.hes got high blood pressure,falls asleep at a moments notice,drives bad and nods all the time but does not even realize it most of the time,hes getting really moody and its really hard to get him...
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    Sleep Apeana

    Alternative Names Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome; Apnea - sleep apnea syndrome Causes, incidence, and risk factors   In normal conditions, the muscles of the upper part of the throat keep this passage open to allow air to flow into the lungs. These muscles usually...
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    Please forgive me for all my grammar

    and spelling errors. I'm groggy right now.
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    i only get about 3 or 4hrs sleep at ngiht and thats not healthly in my opinion. every morniing im tired sleepy and feels like ive been out all night. tried every prescription drug to get me to sleep but none of them work. sleep deprivation is killin me physically. hence why i...
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