I Wanna Know What Is Your Theory As to Who Built the Pyramids

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    Sound Technology

    I think it's entirely possible that ancient Egyptians had a method of moving and lifting stone that's been forgotten or kept secret all these years. I mean, how many documentaries with red faced perplexed scientists taking 3 days to lift a 600lb stone do you have to watch, to...
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    Fascinating Theory, Not Sure I Agree With Worthy Of A Closer Look

    Some of the massive blocks making up the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt (pictured) are not limestone, but a synthetic mix like concrete, argue materials scientists. The paper by Michel Barsoum of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his colleagues is the latest...
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    Duh.....Have you not seen SG1?   Mmmmm Daniel Jackson........
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    Isn't It Obvious?

    It was a bunch of college kids during their summer break...they answered an ad in the Karnak Kraigslist.  They were supposed to put in windows originally, but decided not to once they found out what gnarly skateboard ramps they'd built.....
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    Waiting For the Cable Company

    All I know is that someone's still waiting for the cable company to come repair the Sphinx' nose.  Somewhere, there is a clay tablet with the hieroglyphics for "Estimated time of arrival:  approximately 2000 to 3000 BC".
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    Intelligent Dinosaurs?

    Perhaps dinosaurs built them as nests to protect their young before they died in the ice age.  Even though their brains were tiny in contrast to their bodies most likely they were larger than ours and who is to say they were any less sentient than human beings are?  The...
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