I Wanna Know Whos Your Fav Freind On Ep and Why

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    everyone on here is my favourite for one reason or another. i'm going to start the list now and continue it until everyone's covered. so if you're not on the first draft, don't worry! your day will come! 1) booknerd7: i have to put her first because she is my truest and dearest...
    journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
    26-30, F
    11 Responses Jan 11, 2008

    SHE Knows

    I have several people here that I have grown especially fond of. They know who they are.But I really have grown to love you all. .You all are fun to chat and email too. I can kid and joke and flirt without offending anyone. THANKS for all the happiness My friends have brought to...
    bquick bquick
    51-55, M
    5 Responses Feb 24, 2008

    Why Choose?

    There's no reason to choose. Friendship is a special thing. There's no reason to choose one special over the other. Put it this way. Go into a restaurant and order all your favorite foods and find out they're all free. That's how all my friends make me feel :)
    drcynic drcynic
    26-30, M
    11 Responses Apr 26, 2008


    I'm just curious but why are people being singled out?  I mean now we even have cliques. Why does anyone need to feel the need to mention some people but not mention others?  Isn't that what tributes are for?  I'm just curious because it's starting...
    tenderheart08 tenderheart08
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Feb 7, 2008


    ChevyGirl008 would have to be my favorite because: 1. She's a cowgirl. 2. She's really cute.
    RopinTexan RopinTexan
    22-25, M
    Jan 11, 2008

    E.p Freinds

    Ive not spoken to an adult for over a week and feel quite lonley,i struggle with writing for e.p and due to not writing stories havnt made any real connections until today. I feel appreciated and am looking forward to what i think is a true meeting of minds. I stumbled on the e.p...
    majorcamarie majorcamarie
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Jul 27, 2008

    On the Spot

    Like most people, I couldn't ever choose who's my fav friend. Although, the ones that come straight to mind would be... Donebeingdone - Within hours of meeting with her, we were fighting on a gummy ship (it's complicated), she's completely crazy!! Sugahplum - possibly one...
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 8, 2007

    And the Winner Is.....

    To pick a favorite is just not fair when everyone is so great in their own way. I believe all my EP friends have a different strength to offer as a gift of friendship to me. I never could pick just one. In my eyes they are all favorites and always will be!
    cinfullynn cinfullynn
    46-50, F
    Feb 7, 2008

    Don't Have a Fave

    Not for now. I like well several people I talk to.
    deleted deleted
    Feb 8, 2008

    A Favortie Friend On Ep?

    Well, I don't have one favorite person on here. I don't think it would be fair to any one of my friends. I do move my friends around though. I put the one I talk more too first and so on.........
    123ct 123ct
    36-40, F
    May 4, 2008

    RE: Fav Friend

    WOW. THAT IS A TOUGH QUESTION. HERE I GO. ONE OF MY FAVORITE FRIEND WOULD BE ILOVEGREENTEA.  BECAUSE SHE IS A NICE PERSON.  SHE IS SOME I CAN TALK TO. She and I no long friends because she sent me a mean email.  I haven't forgave her for that. I don't...
    mother1983 mother1983
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Apr 21, 2008

    My Fav Friend On Ep Is....drum Roll

    I have a very hard time saying i just have 1 fav ep friend.I have more like 4 fav friends.The reason this is because all of them have a special place in my heart! 1. JUST4PLAY- shes a fav friend because,she always is trying to chear me up when im feeling bad and she always makes...
    wildjeep wildjeep
    31-35, F
    Feb 7, 2008


      Anyone who has known me for a long time will be surprised about the answer to this question but my best friend is JimFinSAV.  Our relationship with each other has been relatively easy. We do not argue much, we see eye to eye on most things, and surprisingly we...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Mar 18, 2010


    She is no longer here so i guess it would have to be one of the others.. Wonder who is my fav.
    Arorin Arorin
    22-25, M
    8 Responses Jan 13, 2010

    Lots and Lots.

    I have made so many friends on EP. too many to name. Anyone that gives me good advice or a warm, kind message is a friend in my book! There are a lot of people that I will talk to once. And then they just disappear. never to be heard from again. that makes me sad :(
    allyKat allyKat
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 6, 2007

    My Favorite 2 Ep Peeps

    My favorite friend on EP....???This one is very easy...although I like many others online, and I always have love for each and every single one of you that has wanted to be apart of my life.There are actually 2 peeps here that actually make my day.One is a female, the other is a...
    nikki4848dd nikki4848dd
    36-40, F
    Jun 3, 2011

    Every Single Person We Meet Makes Us Who We Are.

    I can honestly say that I like every one I've met on EP thus far. I've had to come about and apologize and was graciously forgiven...actually told I need not apologize at all. Which I found very charming indeed. I learned a valuable lesson from that person, and I continue to...
    PrettyPixie PrettyPixie
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Apr 24, 2008
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