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    My Top 5 Fave Guitar Songs And Solos

    My top five guitar solos……here goes. For me that list starts  in the early 80’s simply because I really had not much exposure to Rock and Roll before then except for the Beatles. My parents listened to classical music and sometimes blues and jazz so those were my early...
    bassplayer bassplayer
    46-50, M
    7 Responses Jun 19, 2012

    The Top 5 Bands That Changed My Life Were

    1 My Chemical Romance (helped me through tough times during my mid teens) 2 Greenday (made me look at a totally different type of music) 3 Maroon 5 (so many break ups) 4 Fall Out Boy (helped me make friend and also great live) 5 Linkin Park (since I was bout ten) xxxhxxx
    hellsbellsxxx hellsbellsxxx
    18-21, F
    Jun 19, 2012

    Top 5 fears.... 1.Losing him 2.

    Not getting into a good college 3.Life not going as planned 4.Life gets worse 5.Losing him
    BlueMoonx BlueMoonx
    18-21, F
    Jan 18, 2015

    Top Five Female Artists

    This is for girlmcgirly: I like female artists even though a check of my ipod confirms I have a lot more guy singers. This list is more about variety than from top to number 5. Delores O'Riordan Celine Dion Pink Neko Case Sade (a fav of my moms)
    Mary1283 Mary1283
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 19, 2012

    Five Favorite Movie Songs

    Here's my five, not using any previously used... 5. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head (BJ Thomas) Butch Cassdy and the Sundance Kid 4. Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees (relacces Stand by Me)    3. The End - The Doors ( Apocalypse Now)   2. Shaft - Issac Hayes (Shaft)    1...
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    Jun 29, 2012

    Top 5 Dylan Songs

    This is almost impossible for a Dylan fan... he has such a deep and varied catalog; how the hell do you whittle it down to five. With that as a qualifier, here's my list. 5. Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again 4. Hurricane 3. Knockin' on Heavens Door 2. Tangled...
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    Jun 19, 2012


    These are kinda in order but subject to change without notification: 5. Pumpkin Pie with fresh whipped cream 4. Fresh cut, in season strawberries over pound cake, topped with fresh whipped cream. 3. Warm Apple Pie with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream 2. Warm Brownie hot...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 18, 2012

    My Top 5 Sweet Syrpy Songs

    I can like sweet syrupy songs too; doesn't make me gay ...... not that there's anything wrong with that... 5; Hey there Delilah - Plain White Tees.  Also would make my top five songs I'm embasssesd to say I love list.      4:  I got you babe ... ditto girly   3.  Leaving...
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    Jun 23, 2012

    Top Five Underrated Bands

    Some Bands get justified accolades ... The Beatles are a good example. Other bands get accolades they don't deserve... The Sex Pistols come to mind. They didn't invent punk, Iggy Pop did. So how about the bands that don't get the respect they deserve (at least in my opinion). In...
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    Jun 20, 2012

    Top Five Things I Want To Do With My Soul Mate.

    5 travel the world with her 4 Dance with her and sing softly into her ear 3 Fulfill all of her fantasies 2 Always make her feel welcomed and loved 1 Hold her and kiss her whenever possible
    tominct1918 tominct1918
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Jun 18, 2012

    Top 5 Fav Movies

    Brave HeartThe GodfatherThe NotebookSleepless in SeattleDisney's - The Little Mermaid (I know it's a kid one but.....)
    YourMysticGirl YourMysticGirl
    46-50, F
    Jun 20, 2012

    Top 5 personality traits in a person?

    1. Honesty 2. Trustworthy 3. Open minded 4 Young at heart(childlike) 5. Up for anything
    juicyyousy juicyyousy
    26-30, M
    May 13, 2014
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