I Want a Baby Girl

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    Not saying I want one right now,

    but I want a little girl so badly in the future. Not just to have one but to see who she'd look like, so watch her grow up and become everything she wants in life. I wish the same for my son as well, plus it's just adorable for a little girl to have a big protective brother...
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    KillingTheseHoes101 KillingTheseHoes101
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    Dec 12, 2014

    Why I Want a Girl.

    I want a girl because it would be amazing for her to look up at me and say i want to be exactly like you mommy. I want to be able to explain things about boys and how they have "cooties" lol. I want to be able to share my life story with her and tell her how she could...
    ashleynicholebby ashleynicholebby
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    L/g's Ab/dl's

    I think it would be fun to connect with someone who hasn't had the chance to explore the little girl side of themselves. It doesn't matter why you haven't acted on it yet. Just know that I'd be happy to talk about it with you. I am just fascinated by an ageplay dynamic between...
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    I'm getting so jealous seeing my friends with

    their cute little babies. I want a baby so bad but I'm still not ready for sex. I want to have a daughter so I can dress her up in cute little clothes and pinch her little fat cheeks and play with her all day. I don't mind being up at 3 or 4 in the morning to be with her. I'm...
    DiamondInTheSkye DiamondInTheSkye
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    Dec 24, 2013

    I found out december 17

    and I know to some some it may seem trivial because I wasnt too far along. But this is not my first I also lost one in april of this year. Im falling apart.... and I feel soo alone. My boyfriend wont talk to me about it and I really dont have many people around at all. Im...
    laurenb123 laurenb123
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    I'm finally pregnant with my baby girl.. Her name is Elise (: cannot wait. <3
    Button11 Button11
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    I want a baby girl so bad

    and everyone just tells me im too young. But no one understands how badly I want one and how he/she would help me! If I were to have a baby right now I would show everyone who told me I was to young and not ready just how ready I was!!
    ChristmasEveBaby ChristmasEveBaby
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    I so want a daughter,

    gonna have Artificial Insemination in 2 years as i know i wont meet any1 who would wanna marry me or have a baby with me. Im not the type of girl who sleeps around or has 1 night stands. I gota do it all on my own. Its gonna be hard but all worth it. Im saving up to have my baby...
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    Dec 30, 2013
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    Here is the thing . I doooo love baby girls .

    But i knid of hate little boys . They are not cuuute at all . I always wanted a girl , but im kind of scared cause of this . What if my first child be a boy ? What should i do with him ? I hate them
    SilentRebel7 SilentRebel7
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    I have a daughter who's almost 8,

    and I've been married for 4 years. I desperately want another daughter, but I refuse to have another child until I can buy a home and have a stable job with a salary.
    RachelAddison RachelAddison
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    Feb 26, 2014

    Young female to male (pre-surgery.

    Still have girl parts) transgender. I have a huge fantasy of an older man in private, making me stop wearing boy clothes and make me wear girl clothes and be his little princess. I have this want for him to force me to wear panties and skirts and be a girly little princess for...
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    Mar 26, 2016

    Baby Baby Baby

    I cant wait for the day i get to take her to the park and the beach. I cant wait for the day i can take her to nursery and hold her hand. I cant wait for the day i get to buy her cloths that she will hate. I just want a baby girl more than almost anything right now!
    Story Story
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    Nov 18, 2007


    i have always wanted a baby girl. i have like 4 different girl names picked out.
    ladonna14 ladonna14
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    Aug 13, 2009

    Here are some notes on putting boys in dresses.

    The crucial variable is the child's age. The younger he is the easier it will be. Very young boys often enjoy dressing up in girls' clothes without any urging from anyone else. They like the pretty colors and the fancy detail. But then as they get older there comes a point...
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    I live in Katy, Texas.

    I am looking for someone nearby or willing to travel. I want a BABY and that is really the only thing on my mind rite now. I am great with kids. My baby would be loved unconditionally for as long as I live! He/she will be Breastfed for as long as he/she wants to continue (birth...
    Trish101 Trish101
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    mahmoodahmad mahmoodahmad
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    A Baby Girl

    ive wanted a baby girl ever since i started my teen years (no discrimination people) i didn't try or anything i just fantasized about what my childs name will be and what they will look like. i had a crib in my room at the age of 13 and would watch anyone's baby. i'm just waiting...
    illstaystrongforyou illstaystrongforyou
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    Boys and guns: Here is an article I wrote 20

    years ago and it is still relevant: Recent months have seen a series of incidents in which children have opened fire on other children, killing or wounding them. Although academic specialists who study youth violence have noted this, the press in this country generally has paid...
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    I Want One So Bad(:

    I'm almost 13 weeks prenant and I SO want a girl. They said something about it looks like a girl but I just want a POSITIVE comformation of it. Her name will be Julia Skye Baird-Roberson
    AmandaLanae21 AmandaLanae21
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    I want another baby before university

    because I'd like my children to be close in age. I just adore being a mum.
    Unknownimus Unknownimus
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    Jun 14, 2014

    The Desire of My Heart

    I want to have a baby very badly.  I just turned 30 and I have been married for over four years now.  My husband has a 17 year old son.  I really want to have a baby girl.  We have been trying to get pregnant ever since we got married.  I went to see my...
    loves2paint loves2paint
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    I do! Don't get me wrong,

    I want a boy too, but I just want a girl first. It will be easier for me to teach her things like boundaries and saying no. My fiance can take care of the whole boundaries and LISTENING to no, but I want to do all this first.
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    I want a baby girl I like to think my baby

    would have been a girl had I gone through with my pregnancy 3 years ago. I think about what she would've looked like, how I would have dressed her, seeing her in the ultrasound. I just wish I had been ready then. emotionally I am ready now but financially I just don't know yet...
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    . I just want a baby

    so bad . I've tried getting pregnant and nothing . now I'm considering adopting a baby but I dnt know where to start and I dnt wanna go thru a big agency . So now I guess yu can say I'm looking for women who dnt want their babies and are willing to sign over their rights . It...
    ATaylor24 ATaylor24
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