I Want Back My Sense of Wonder

I want to have the sense of wonder back into my life 46 People

    Things That Made Me Happy...

    I’ve been thinking recently that I am pretty darn tired of feeling run-down and dead and useless, and that I would like to feel more fun and playful and inquisitive and… more child-like, I guess. If I ever was like that to begin with. And then I find my dear friend...
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    I Want to recapture My Sense of Wonder

    I love the logo I chose for this group. It  perfectly describes what I want to feel . I want to be enraptured in the beauty of life , in the simple pleasures. I want to be carefree again and laugh as if I didnt have a care in the world.
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    Oct 22, 2008

    Things That Bring Back My Sense of Wonder

    My friends Nic and ABL, suggested I write a list of the things that make me happy. Thanks for the encouragement. Let´s see, this is the list at the top of my head:                      ...
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