I Want My Fairytale Ending

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    But You Took It Away...

    I see what you wrote, all about how you hate moves without a happy ending and it makes me want to scream. You can get so pissy about a frickin movie but you destroyed our happy ending with barely a second thought. I know that I'm supposed to be the cynical realist and you're the...
    sezziy sezziy
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 11, 2010

    Oh Yes I Do!

    I love this person who took the thought out my heart. I want a fairytale ending and gonna get one too. I am going to be so happy. I am waiting on God to fulfill. My desire of a fairytale ending. It will be so worth it.
    Babeondwy Babeondwy
    41-45, F
    Mar 27, 2013

    Once Upon A Time...

    There was a girl named Nicole. Who dreamed that a prince charming would come and sweep her off her feet. This prince would always love and protect her, and accept her for who she is. He would take her away from all of her childhood's tragic events and hold her without letting...
    Nicoliooo Nicoliooo
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 25, 2013

    Even Though It Turned Out This Bad....

    for a short while i had my fairy tale beginning. the perfect guy, the one who never did me wrong and we were happy despite everything we were going through. he was trustworthy, loving, caring, kind, strong, and treated me like a real person, not just another woman. he didn't...
    tanpopo tanpopo
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 25, 2008

    Stay Or Go?

    I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 years now.  I am 22 years old and I would like to be married by age 25.  I would like to start a family not too long after that.  This is my dream!  My problem here is that my boyfriend doesn't believe in marrage, and...
    princess3123 princess3123
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 25, 2010

    Yes, I Believe In Fairytales

    To me fairytale exists. I want a fairytale life. In which I am the princess. Down the road. In my gown. Crown. With my Prince. It's not childish. To one who believes, it exist. to one don't, it doesn't. What do you think? What is your fairytale?
    ExperiencesAndNotMistakes ExperiencesAndNotMistakes
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 9, 2012
    catlover1198 catlover1198
    13-15, F
    1 Response Sep 13, 2015


    I have the right man, I just need him to ******* be here....
    SweetbriarPoet SweetbriarPoet
    26-30, F
    Jul 11, 2008

    Despite Everything...

    .... I still believe deep down that my Prince Charming is out there and he will sweep me off my feet and be this amazing person that I dream about at night... I may believe that love has passed me by when I lost Alex, but deep inside me is thi little girl that wants the...
    GothAngel GothAngel
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 24, 2008

    I just want to be loved

    and to be in love. I want the happy ever after.
    LookingForYou89 LookingForYou89
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 7, 2015

    Things Can't End Happily.

    Little girls are brought up to believe in fairy tales, to believe in romance. If they can't believe in that, they are taught to believe in riches. It makes me terribly sad, but it's true. I've got my own fairytales within my mind, that I would love to be real. To have a happy...
    LylaRocks LylaRocks
    26-30, F
    2 Responses May 7, 2011

    My Fairytale Ending

    One day to meet that special person. That stills your heart without you blinking. The one that you can't live without. Your love takes you away from all your problems. You start a new life together that's filled lots of love for each other. There is nothing that the to of you can...
    koolkatjossie koolkatjossie
    36-40, F
    Feb 19, 2013

    Maybe This Is Wishful Thinking

    This is cliche it's truely the way I feel. I feel like I'm always searching for something impossible to find, and maybe, it just dosen't even exsist? This is a diary of a girl. I feel like I'm talking to someone who isn't even there. It could be an imaginary figure or just my...
    storiesofagirl storiesofagirl
    1 Response Dec 16, 2010

    And They Lived Happily...everafter...................

    we fell in loveĀ at first sight... we really loved eachother. we both accept respect n like eachother but these days we are having problems. i wish we end all the fights because baby i want you i need you i want you close to me kissing caressing hugging and loving me. Honey i...
    HelenParis HelenParis
    1 Response Feb 29, 2012

    Often Wonder...

    After many years of soul searching you come to a point where you think you know what you want, what you've been missing, what life should be like.  Then a verse from a song comes to mind, it has always haunted me... "You know what paradise is?  Is a lie.  A...
    deleted deleted
    5 Responses Jul 9, 2009

    Deserve It!

    I think I deserve, especially after all that smiling I do!! I don't think I'm asking for too much...a giant castle, my own parade....
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Jan 24, 2008

    THE Perfect Ending...

    I just want to be happy... it doesnt matter to me if its a fairy tale ending or not... as long as I am happy in the end!!!! Thats all I have ever wanted, and someday it will happen for me.
    ericalee4 ericalee4
    31-35, F
    Aug 6, 2009

    I mean is it really unrealistic to wish

    for happiness, to expect love and respect!?? And expect tokes of these feelings? Are flowers too much? It doest have to be every week, like my dad did to my mom, but every so often, why not? Are surprise dates such hassles?? I mean what else are we going to do? Same old movie...
    Gia00 Gia00
    31-35, F
    Jun 18, 2015

    You Deserve It Love.....

    I met TJ when I was 13 and he was 18. I knew from the minute I met him that he would be the man I spend the rest of my life with. Well my sister found out that we were secretly dating and flew off the handle. What did she care anyways she has never cared about me. Well a bunch...
    tjsgirly tjsgirly
    22-25, F
    Feb 1, 2011

    We Deserved A Happily-ever After

     You came to see me, I was silly for not believing, I'm sorry I know. I stopped in front of the mirror that day, fixing any last detail just for you.That night my gaze met yours for the very first time.You were wondrous and warm and I felt I knew you for...
    MySweetSacrifice MySweetSacrifice
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 27, 2010
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