I Want People to Understand

This group is for people who think that no one understands them. 97 People

    Just b/c somebody is different

    for you or wants different things that you do or likes different things than you do or believes differently that you do doesn't give you the right to scorn & ridicule them. We're all God's children & HE made us the way HE made us & we're all different. We should be treated with...
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    It's hard enough to feel like your different to

    everyone else To feel like your not important and all the other feelings that go through your mind The last thing you want is for someone/people to turn around and say it harshly to your face that they don't understand why you behave in a certain way... It hurts to know that...
    ForeverLife ForeverLife
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    Iam Older Iam 40

    ive been told the same thing when i was a kid, when they say one day kid you'll understand and you know i get it now when i was 14-30 i thought i knew so much but i didnt know half the things i know now at the age of 40 young people think iam old but iam not just learning more...
    lunnas lunnas
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    The sun rises as kitti wakes up to the glisening water in the oceans of tampa florida. Kitti rolls over and flops her arm over the shoulders of her sleeping girlfriend. Trying not to wake her up as she just stares into the face of this beautiful person in which she fell in...
    KraziiKitti KraziiKitti
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    I believe that anyone

    who does something that annoys you, hurts you, frustrates you, disgusts you, or angers you they do because of their own insecurities. Subconsciously or not, people derail from being a 'good' person because they feel inadequate in some aspect of their life or being.
    parkerropes parkerropes
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