I Want Robyn And Sammi To Help Me Become More Feminine Using E

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    Well as you can tell from my title I have no story to tell but I am anxious to have one to get things stared and I have tried hypnosis before but I am not so sure if it worked or not. So yes Robyn and Sammi please help me become more feminine.
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    Update To My Last Experience.

    Update to my first story, EP LinkI thought it good time to update you all about dressing and hypnotic suggestions.Not sure If you know this, I can’t dress all the time. I get a few days to myself.Sometimes more. Like now for instance.I have the house all to myself for another 1...
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    My Conclusion On Video Hypnosis.

      Its been a long while since I have updated my readers about this topic. It seems that I don't need to rely on these as much or ever now. I seem to remember telling my readers that I used self Hypnosis when I was in my teens as I was getting dressed and now I realise that...
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    I was born a lady, but sometimes even we need help with finding our way to femininity too. Everyday I hear you are such a beautiful women but you should just do this or that to make yourself look and act better. So for you I thank you for your posts.
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    1 Response Jan 7, 2013

    I Almost Got Caught Tonight.

    I was almost caught tonight. I was dressed up and  just strutting around feeling like a woman. A sexy woman. This place is the local primary school, nobody around at all. Sometimes a few stray cars go by at rare times, the road is a dead end and the school is the last place with...
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    My First Go Using Video Hypnoses.

    A few days ago, I was at Youtube and found some hypnosis videos on becoming a feminine girl. Females even can get something out of these if one is feeling down. I downloaded these so that I can play them over anytime I liked. I used Firefoxes Download helper. Used these videos in...
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    Feminization You Are A Women

    Here is a fabulous new youtube video I found this morning.EnjoyHugsSammi 
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