I Want That Feeling Back

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    Times Past

    I miss those feelings, those moments back when, that if I close my eyes I can almost return to. Like that day in English class, I was 15 and sitting in the back alone. It was the beginning of my junior year and before I'd found my niche at that school. As I sat half...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Jul 3, 2009

    The feeling of overwhelming gratefulness

    and happiness. I used to feel that way when helping others. I don't do that so much now days.
    justcantgetitright justcantgetitright
    41-45, M
    1 Response Mar 30, 2015

    Once Upon a Time

    Once upon a time there was a wonderful, happy place in my life. It was full of glitter and road trips, margaritas and vibrating remotes, group hugs and LOVE... It was a place I could always go to to feel GOOD, laugh with friends, and get support if I was feeling a bit down...
    HeavenBesideYou HeavenBesideYou
    41-45, F
    13 Responses Sep 3, 2009

    I Wish....

    ...that excited, tingly, giddiness of new love never wore off. I miss that. I miss my heart skipping a beat, sweaty palms, and getting tongue tied...not knowing what to say. I suppose that phase doesn't last for any couple, although I'm sure some find a way to keep their spark...
    LG76 LG76
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Oct 25, 2012

    SUMMER Love.

    My most precious memory... Summer night at a party, met this kid. We separated from the party went down to the dock and laid down on a boat for hours drunkenly talking to each other staring at the stars.  Later we moved to a bonfire.  Later that summer after we had...
    unknown311 unknown311
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 4, 2009


    I wish I didn't know the feeling of missing you more than I would miss my next breath. I wish I didn't know the feeling of my heartbreaking. I wish I didn't know the pain deep within my soul that comes from being apart from you. I wish I could have that feeling of perfect loving...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    4 Responses Jan 25, 2011

    Butterfly Feelings

    I want that feeling back....the one where you made me feel like I was on top of the world.  I wish I never seen those e-mails that you sent to your ex.  I realize they are not recent but you were still with me.  My heart fell from my chest and dropped on the floor...
    wilderness29 wilderness29
    26-30, F
    Sep 16, 2009

    Oh Yeah....

    That feeling, so beautiful so breath taking. So safe, so trust worthy. Just give in, sink in, enjoy the bliss. Float upon the feeling of purity and safety... forever in your eyes, lost and drifting. Hold me in your gaze, your love remains and saves. lol I can't rhyme but...
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    1 Response Jan 16, 2010

    What Once Was

    I miss being deliriously happy.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 17, 2010
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