I Want the Murder of Nuns and Monks In Tibet to Cease

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    well I don't like pain even though I live with it almost all the time. So no death and killing is not right. When some one is killed for just an idea and no threat in action it is wrong. It is up to each and every person and what they feel about life and what to get out of it. So...
    solarregeneration solarregeneration
    41-45, T
    Jul 23, 2010

    Crisis Situation

    The news is very bad --- Monks, nuns and Tibetan civilians are murdered by the Chinese. People are imprisoned for owning a picture of the Dalai Lama. Women are forcibly being sterilised It is ethnic cleansing on a large scale Chinese are preventing proper reporting  ...
    Spiritman Spiritman
    26-30, M
    8 Responses Apr 4, 2008
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