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I Want To Find More People With Hair Fetishes

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    I'd like to hear other's experiences in telling

    loved ones about their fetish now that I'm dating someone new. I've been able to have a perfectly normal sexual relationship in the past without telling them. In fact I've never told anyone. But I'd like to know what it could bring to the relationship. I'd love some advice...
    jackbeats jackbeats
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jan 4, 2014

    Hair Fetishist Looking For Same

    Hi, I have a hair fetish. I am looking for women in Texas or close by to talk to. If you are interested please get back to me.
    htowncutter htowncutter
    26-30, M
    May 21, 2013

    I Have A Hair Fetish Too!

    I have just joined and have read all the comments. I am in the same bot I just want to cht to people who feel the same as me. It's nice I am not alone. Please get in touch.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses May 3, 2012

    Add Me :)

    I have a hair fetish and if you like hair too you should add me and talk with me about it. I LOVE to get my haircut! so don't be shy tell me anything and everything you like about it :)
    deleted deleted
    May 4, 2013

    Fellow Enthousiasts? Mede Haarfetish-Enthousiastelingen

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time hairenthousiast and would love to get in touch with people (especially women) who share the same interest. Especially if there are people living in Belgium or the Netherlands, don't hesitate to contact me (Belgen of Nederlanders met dezelfde...
    adhemar998 adhemar998
    41-45, M
    Jul 31, 2013

    Sexy Long Hair

    I started being turned on by long hair from a young age when the girl next door had beautiful dark auburn hair which her mother took care of. She always had it in two long braids we were friends and as we matured became involved and her long hair became my big turn on. I use to...
    evadtayldj evadtayldj
    56-60, M
    Jun 10, 2012

    A Dream Come True

    I love to watch women hair fall to the fall. And if they is any long hair women in Lacey WA that will let me cut your hair drop me a line. I have trimmed lots of but cut any short
    Cutit2 Cutit2
    61-65, M
    1 Response Sep 6, 2013

    Anyone Near New York City?

    Is there anyone with a hair fetish near NYC? I would love to meet someone with similar interests. I have a fetish especially for washing hair, curlers and perms. Contact me on yahoo messenger. My screen name is silverbox97
    silverbox97 silverbox97
    2 Responses Mar 28, 2013

    Any girls in Australia

    that would let me cut their hair?
    Pt73 Pt73
    18-21, M
    Nov 15, 2015

    Hello, I am new to this community,

    just so you know. :) Since a very young age, I have a thing for hair, especially when it comes to cutting it off. To me, there is nothing more fascinating as grabbing a pair of scissors, select a long lock of hair of a beautiful woman, and slowly push those scissors through her...
    Velours Velours
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Dec 6, 2014

    Anyone Near Pittsburgh?

    Is there anyone with a hair fetish near pittsburgh? I would love to meet someone with similar interests. I have a fetish especially for washing hair, curlers and perms. Contact me on yahoo messenger. My screen name is silverbox97
    silverbox97 silverbox97
    5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

    Fetish Or Just A Normal Preference

    I often wonder if "Hair Fetish" is really the correct term to describe a natural liking for cutting hair and having your own hair cut.  Haircutting is a normal part of sexual activity for so many people that the term "fetish" isn't altogether appropriate.  After all, do you...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Feb 1, 2012

    New Haircutting Site!

    Hello everybody :) Just wanted to advertise my new site - based around women getting haircuts with an emphasis on capes, shaved napes/heads, playing with long locks, and just the beauty that is a woman, and the added beauty of her in a chair with a cape/gown on, getting a...
    raymatt raymatt
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Feb 17, 2012


    Hi, I am a 21 year old woman looking for a man to cut my long mid back lengh hair short.I want an at home hair cut, and i want the style to be a surprise. I want it cut dry and I want it cut slowley chunck by chunck I want the peices droped into my hand or lap and I want to watch...
    Rachelandryland1031 Rachelandryland1031
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Oct 25, 2011

    Short Summer

    I have red hair a little below my shoulders. My hair is my favorite thing about me. I'm a little on the heavier side. An my hair doesn't grow long fast because its really thick. I work at a fast food place so I always wear my hair up. When I'm not working my favorite hair style...
    laceup94 laceup94
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 21, 2013

    Just Two Friends 2

    became quite pale, almost livid and see me in the mirror behind Juliet. Nicolas surprises me eyes and turns his head to see what I look. "Help me to remove the mirror," he said, "it will be bater."  "The comedy as lasted enough time" Juliette starts rising. Nicolas...
    sylvie74 sylvie74
    36-40, F
    Dec 20, 2012

    I love my hair being wound on

    both perm rods and brush rollers then be placed under a nice warm dryer
    Dryermaniac Dryermaniac
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 19, 2015

    So Why Do You Think It Is More Men Have This Interest Than Do Women?

    Would like to hear from the folks in this group, almost all men, why they believe men have these desires so much more often and feel them so much more strongly than do women. What have been your experiences with how women feel about this sort of thing. I think we all know how...
    wombat456 wombat456
    46-50, M
    5 Responses Sep 9, 2013

    I love long haired girls.

    I want to play, oil, comb, kiss the beautiful hairs of girls.
    deleted deleted
    May 13, 2015

    Iam v.much attracted,

    magnetized, uncontrollable when i see longhair, big bun. i would like to make friends of same passion.
    razroiaries razroiaries
    1 Response Dec 27, 2013

    Hello People

    Hello! please add, message, ect if you like hair! im looking to chat with people that like it too. its hard to find people to talk, role play, or do actual hair things with. so that's why I rejoined EP
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jul 2, 2013

    Where For Art Thou?

    So I have a haircut fetish. I have for awhile. I noticed this when I was little but just barely got comfortable to admit it to myself last year. I haven't told anyone yet, because I don't know how that would work out. I'm sure that my friends wouldn't know what to say. However, I...
    laceup94 laceup94
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jun 15, 2013

    Fan Of Haircutting And Hair Play

    I'm a thirty something male who has a hair and haircutting fetish. I've shared my feelings with my wife, who now has mid back blonde hair. She does not share my fetish but does indulge me once in a while :) I'm looking to chat with other like minded hair fans. My ultimate...
    rondave999 rondave999
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Mar 23, 2012

    Does anyone enjoy punishment haircut stories?

    Friday After Class Author: Stingray45 Content: R Location: Salon Category: Time for a change Type: Fiction Post date: Monday, April 15, 2013 Language: English Rating: 4.724.72 average from 101 readers Page views: 12889 “That’s it for today, everybody enjoy your weekend...
    rickie53 rickie53
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Dec 31, 2013

    since my childhood days i always had short hair

    once i got into college i had no restrictions no rules for me so i started growing my hair long and things were going well i got my ears pierced and i always looked myself as a rockstar though i never sing or play music i just mean i looked like when but my dressing is always...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 19, 2016

    I've always wanted to have all my long hair cut

    off in a barber shop or by a man who's stern and strong and is ruthless with shears and clippers
    Brookebbyxx Brookebbyxx
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Dec 1, 2015

    Am I The Only Girl?

    So I've been on this site for awhile now and this is the second group that I've joined thats about a hair fetish. I've met quite a few people who like hair like I do and it makes up most of my friend list. But the thing that makes me feel alienated still is... I haven't found...
    BekkoNisou BekkoNisou
    18-21, F
    11 Responses Mar 5, 2012

    My Interests

    My interests are to find a girl with the same fetish and share it with them. I love the chair, capes, clippers, scissors, cutting, coloring, perming, ect... if any girls would like to talk that would be great! Also, I enjoy role playing hair stuff as well. please feel free to...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 2, 2013

    Lets Talk!!!

    Hi I am a 21 year old woman looking for a man that would be intrested in cutting my mid back lengh hair short. If you are intrested please send my a private msg.
    Rachelandryland1031 Rachelandryland1031
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Oct 17, 2011

    If you're like me then you've probably wondered

    what the best way to meet someone with a hair fetish... Well, if you live in the UK, I've got the answer for you. Here's the link to the FetLife's hair fetish meet up. Meet more people like yourself, scheduled for February next year so you have plenty of time to get yourself...
    ltahfan ltahfan
    26-30, M
    1 Response Dec 24, 2013

    Hi anyone else out there love a roller set?

    Got a thing for them myself, chat anyone?
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jun 15, 2015
    deleted deleted
    Jan 26, 2015

    I love beautiful haired girls.

    I love to caress, play, kiss, oil and comb the beautiful hairs of girls.
    deleted deleted
    May 13, 2015

    Here We Go Again...

    Once again, I'm attempting to get a UK meeting going. I'm thinking of london as a meeting place but I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to keep all of the organisation together this time as last time it all went to pot because i couldn't keep track of it all. To that end, I have...
    ltahfan ltahfan
    26-30, M
    Jul 31, 2013

    I Too, Have Had A Hair Fetish For As Long As I Can Remember!

    I always felt a sense of strength and power from my hair... The longer it was, the more power I got from it. Even as a very young kid, I always loved having my hair brushed or played with, and would even cry EVERY TIME my mother brought me down to get my hair cut. Eventually...
    inkllama inkllama
    46-50, M
    Oct 1, 2013

    It’s always nice to know about you!

    When I was about 16 years old, the bald bug caught me & I had discovered my fetish. Since then I had have a desire to shave my head completely bald at least once in my life but I was always looking for some support. Prior to my marriage, even I thought I am the only one having...
    Rishita26 Rishita26
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Aug 3, 2014

    hi is there anybody ther

    that woiuld like to have their hair washed and to wash mine for me . id rather a man as being gay it really turns me on but any gay girls let me know
    deleted deleted
    Feb 26, 2014

    My Hair Fetish

    I really want to shave a girls hair off, the longer the better. I am from Glasgow so if you live somewhere in the UK and want your head shaved please let me know cause I would love to fulfill this dream as soon as I can. I would also love to role play with any girls that cant...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 30, 2013

    Haircut Fetish

    I am a 21 year old women with a haircut fetish. I have been looking for the "right" man between the ages of 18 and 35 that lives in the USA to cut off my long hair for me the way i want to do it and fulfil my fantasy. This is real and something i really want to do and have been...
    Rachelandryland1031 Rachelandryland1031
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jun 13, 2012

    Beautiful Long Hair

    BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was walking up the high street out doing some shopping. I saw her coming in the opposite direction some way off with her dark hair on top of her head in a very thick braid. As she approached I became more captivated...
    evadtayldj evadtayldj
    56-60, M
    1 Response Aug 30, 2012

    The Internet

    If it weren't for the internet, most of us wouldn't realize how many people share this fetish. Most people have heard of a lot of different fetishes, but hair has not been talked about a lot. I decided to post an ad on Craigslist, looking for a lady who would enjoy having her...
    flaboy327 flaboy327
    61-65, M
    5 Responses Oct 10, 2011

    I want to talk to a girl about her hair

    so bad. of it being long or if u want it to be cut. I just love hair so much
    italiandude90 italiandude90
    26-30, M
    1 Response Feb 14, 2016

    Hair For A Soldier

    My brother is in Afghanistan, he has a huge hair fetish and can't even have the privilege of touching a womans hair for another 10 months!! I was hoping to surprise him with a lock or hair from whoever is willing to donate, however much or little you can is fine =] If anyone is...
    xlonghairfetishx xlonghairfetishx
    31-35, M
    Jun 18, 2013

    With the iminent close of EP,

    don't forget you can still stay in contact with many of your friends who are also members on, chatting with them on the site's chat room, using the instant messaging feature or sending messages to their inbox. For the ones who have never heard about it...
    Iamlookingfor2014 Iamlookingfor2014
    36-40, M
    Mar 25, 2016

    I Would Like To Talk About My Hair Passion

    love to hear from you if you share this passion, I would love to meet women who are into hair, I love girls with short hair so cute. please get in touch, im a nice genuine guy and wont drag you off to the barbers if you don't want to !!EP Link
    steveluvsclipppers steveluvsclipppers
    31-35, M
    Feb 18, 2013
    ficus12345 ficus12345
    26-30, M
    1 Response Nov 3, 2015
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