I Want to Get Better At the Piano

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    Starting To Find A Real Passion For It

    I took lessons for 3 years when I was younger, but when I quit the lessons I stopped playing altogether. I didn't mess with it again for about 4 years, by then I had forgotten most of what I knew and it was like starting over. I played around with it off and on for a few years...
    ShrubberySoup ShrubberySoup
    26-30, F
    Jun 22, 2010

    By Ear.

         I used to spend summers in a library w/people who were cleaning out the Dewey boxes.  Back when Decimal of Tao of Dewey was essential to all who remember it.       There was a song from an album my dad owned and for a long...
    yourangel yourangel
    Oct 26, 2008

    Chopin, Here I Come

    When I was little, my mom would play Chopin's "Nocturne in Eb Major" while I fell asleep. It's the most beautiful piece of music in the whole world. A few summers ago, I mastered "Clair de Lune" and a few other pieces I'd been aspiring to for some time. But...
    BookNerd BookNerd
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Jan 7, 2008


    I've played the piano for seven years now, and I LOVE it. I want to become better and better and better and better lol I hope I never stop playing.
    peanlo peanlo
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 23, 2010


    When i was in grade 2, my mum tried to teach me piano, i gave up in year 6. I played clarinet from grades 4-6, then gave up, then in year 7-8 i played the drums, then i tried guitar. I gave up on that pretty quickly too. I recently tried to teach myself piano again, i want to...
    amz10101 amz10101
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 6, 2009

    Oh Yahy

    Since I moved back to Florida and got all my stuff again I can practice on my keyboard or one of many around my dad's house.  I like his better because its more like a piano.     But really need need to practice because I think I'm on to something in this...
    shuttermagic shuttermagic
    36-40, F
    Jan 26, 2009

    I Haven't Played In Awhile

    and really need to practice plus I want to teach my daughter until I can afford lessons for her.  I want to start her soon though.  I have to pick up another keyboard though because mine is across country in my dad's attic.  I really need to practice chords and the...
    shuttermagic shuttermagic
    36-40, F
    Mar 15, 2008

    I Do Miss It

    I miss practicing (something I never thought I would say) I miss sitting down and just playing my feelings away, letting them ride over the notes, expressing them in tune. I miss that I am not getting any better, and instead my piano playing skills are...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 6, 2009
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