I Want to Get Wasted Away In Margaritaville

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    5 O'clock Somewhere...

    If anyone finds me passed out on the beach you can blame Alan Jackson for my ill mannered binge drinking.
    smflinchbaugh smflinchbaugh
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 6, 2009

    Too Funny

    Last Friday when I made the trek to Homosassa we passed a Margaritaville bar. I came around the bend and some moron, who had also passed it, was attempting to back-up in my lane. Didn't go in but after blasting the horn at him I thought about following him. I can see the...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 7, 2009

    Not Me

    What a sad day it is to see people being wasted away, but i am sure i am taking that term out of context at least for this group. I do not want to be wasted away though. I want to live and accomplish a lot. I want to remember how i did it too.
    Arorin Arorin
    22-25, M
    Mar 10, 2010

    Do I Ever!!!

    wow im in so much need of a vacation. margaritaville sounds like the perfect place to escape to for a while w my boyfriend. chilling on the beach, getting a tan, drinking everyday for 2 weeks (i swear im not an alcoholic), partying til the sun rises, not hearing an alarm clock...
    AllOnTheTable AllOnTheTable
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Aug 22, 2009

    I Have Never Been Wasted

        i have never been wasted but i want to do it in margaritative
    deleted deleted
    Aug 6, 2009

    Wanna Join Me?

    It's another dreary, dismal day in the midwest.  It started early when I got the paper before dark.  I hate getting my feet wet that early.  I ran errands all afternoon in the continuous cold rain and I don't think I'll ever get warm.  It's dark again...
    Myonis108 Myonis108
    56-60, F
    67 Responses Dec 9, 2008
    ErraticSarcastic ErraticSarcastic
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Nov 8, 2015

    Always Have Been

    Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to waste away in Margaritaville.  I have been a Parrothead since as far back as I can remember.  I was born into it.  The first song I ever did learn the words to was not some little kids song but rather, 'Cheeseburger in...
    deleted deleted
    8 Responses Dec 9, 2008


    I would love something nice and cold and sweet with a lot of tequila in it.  Or maybe just even a beer will do...  I hate the cold weather and taking a trip to Margaritaville sounds like something I'd want to do, where I can drink inside and step outside and not...
    yoyy yoyy
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 11, 2008

    My First Time

    Just the facts Ma'am, It was August 1963, at 2:30 in the afternoon and 102 F. in the shade.   I was supposed to meet her outside of the Alamo (a local Tex/Mex joint)   It's too hot to wait outside so I went into the bar, dark, cool and empty...
    newdaydogEP newdaydogEP
    70+, M
    3 Responses Dec 9, 2008

    Margaritaville Isn'T Worth It...

    Not at all... you might be sick for the night, and then you wake up with a nasty hangover. I thought life was to be enjoyed, not suffered through and endured? Any fun time is not worth it if at any point you're sick and headachy. lol
    AlwaysPersevere71 AlwaysPersevere71
    41-45, M
    Mar 19, 2013

    Me and Jimmy

    Were supposed to get wasted away in this bar in New Orleans that played nothing but Jimmy Buffett songs... It was gonna be great... Then that ****** hurricane showed up and pissed all over our plans.
    drcynic drcynic
    26-30, M
    Dec 18, 2008
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