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    Anyone out there with clean funny jokes .

    .. I have one that's a personal experience. When I was a young girl I visit my cousin a lot, the lived out in the country. The oldest boy worked late . We sat on the porch and wait for him every night. One night in particular we saw him running .. Really fast home and waving his...
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    May 11, 2014

    BIRDS and BEES Every night

    before little preschooler Annie went to bed, her dad would take her for a walk around the block. One night on the walk, they walk by a house and saw 2 dogs getting it on, little Annie asked. Dad what are them dogs doing? Her dad said "that how they make puppies" Later that...
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    Sir Norman Wisdom

    I just had a look on the site, jimjam10 recommended, and he is absolutely correct in what he said, '' Sir Norman Wisdom' is thee most funniest comedian,.  Every film he has ever made have been side splittingly funny, :-) and he has a lovely singing voice also...
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    Sir Norman Wisdom

    Hi "Too who ever may read this and are looking for a laugh may I suggest you look up Norman Wisdom on you tube, and watch this video..Norman Wisdom - the square peg - the parade groundgets me every time 5*sonce you have viewed it please leave a comment here! Thanksgo to this link...
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    Thank You Norman 1915-2010

    Gone but not forgotten.           Thank you for the many laughs!!           Sir Norman Wisdom           4th Feb 1915 - 4th Oct 2010           R...
    JImJam10 JImJam10
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    4 Responses Oct 15, 2010
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