I Want to Have My Hair Washed

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    Reluctant Shampoo

    I had always been a tomboy and always avoided trips to the salon. But, I longed for a leather jacket that I had seen at the mall. Mom promised to pay for it if I followed her to the small salon that Ruthie kept in her basement two doors down for a wash and set. Uneasy, Ruthie...
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    Memories Through The Kitchen Window Part 4

    Part Four As I passed the brush through Frances` fiery red locks, working from front to back I sensed Frances give a little shudder, "That does feel so good after all this time" she said... "It`s been a long time since anyone did this for me" and she took a long drag on her...
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    Watching Paula Wash Her Hair

    I know this group is about having my hair washed but I thought people may like to read a story from my childhood hope you enjoy it. When I was eight we moved house to a semi-detached bungalow....there was a tree at the bottom of the garden overlooking next door and I could see...
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    My First Hairwash,rince Experience

    the first time i ever had my hair washed was at home I must have been in my teens I had just come home from school. mary my mums hairdresser had just finnishing of my mums hair.. hello dear she said ..hello I said... would you like to have your hair washed and shampooed today...
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    Love when my wife says that to me, as I have been shampooing her foy 7 years niw
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    How To Reduce Education Budgets Nationwide

     How to reduce Education Budgets Nationwide     It is really quite simple. Stop busing kids out of their neighborhoods.  The money saved in busing costs is only one benefit. The other benefit is the saving of all that lost time generated while transporting them to and from...
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    Mar 17, 2011

    Memories Through The Kitchen Window Part 3

    Memories Through The Kitchen Window by Joey Part Three Part three of my story takes place twelve years on from the end of part two. We moved to live in a new bungalow about three miles away from Frances and Billy so my monthly treat of seeing Frances' hair being freed from it...
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    Feb 12, 2011

    First Time Getting Shampooed At A Salon

    As Teenager Boy my interests moved more and more in all about hairsalons. In my ************ phantasies I saw boys and girls from my school getting caped and treated in barber salons. I couldnt talk with no one about it, but as I was 15 I decided to give me a bigger barber...
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    Aug 3, 2013

    Washing Her Hair In The Rain...

    One thing I'm going to do some day is to slowly and sensuously wash my wife's hair outside in a warm summer rainstorm. I've always thought that doing that would be extremely sensual, sexy and romantic. It would be perfect if we had both come home from work and were still in our...
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    I Had My First Wash And Set At The Age Of 16 And How My Mom Got A Big Surprise A True Story

    I had my first experience having a wash and set back about 30 years ago in the 80's.I lived about 3 blocks from a beauty salon but this one did not have the sinks in the front but in the back.So i was going to this salon as a male for about 2 years and i always had it in me to...
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    If You Would Enjoy A Sensous Salon Shampoo

    I am a hobby stylist capable of giving a shampoo that could drive you crazy. If you enjoy being pampered let me know :}
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    One Time On My Paper Route!

    Thought that was a good lead in!I had been working as a shampoogirl in Miss Judy's salon for a while and had seen alot of girls from my neighborhood area in the salon and had shampooed thier hair, most of them had seen me in rollers and some feminine hairstyles. I also had a...
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    Language - Uk V Us

    It's interesting to compare hair styling language. We in the UK say 'hairdressing salons' and the US say 'beauty salons'. It was quite usual over here back in the 50s and 60s to see ladies out during the day, doing their shopping, with their hair in rollers, covered by a scarf...
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    I want to have my hair washed right

    now would anybody like to do it for me I dnt mind backwash or forward wash
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    WASH DAY!!!! It was

    that time of the week again. oh i hate this day, this the day when the popular girls at school target someone less popular then them and decide to clean her up to their standards and today was the day every girl was traumatized. the fear of being ambushed abused and humiliated...
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    Perhaps Ask For A Forward Shampooo Next Time?

    Never be embarrassed at having your hair washed in a salon! When you next go to a salon to have your hair done, why not ask for a ‘forward shampoo’? This is better for your neck muscles and is also very enjoyableand very different from a backwash. You lean forwards over...
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    My First Salon Shampoo...

    My first experience of a hairdressing salon was when I was a teenager and my mother made an appointment for me, as a treat. The salon was local and small, with two shampoo basins and two stylist chairs. Seating was also provided along the sides of the salon. There were two...
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    Memories Through The Kitchen Window Part 2

    Memories Through The Kitchen Window by Joey Part Two The sudden rainshower had worked in my favour as I was whisked inside and plonked down on the drainingboard of the sink not two feet away from Frances who was stood laughing at me from beneath her mountain of lathered hair...
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    Walking Past Salons...

    Who doesn't wonder what is going on in those wonderful salons or barber shops? Is someone having their hair washed, are they having it trimmed or cut, perhaps having a makeover, possibly wanting to go 'curly' and have their hair set or permed? Salons should advertise the...
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    Time For Another Shampoo

    It is almost time for a haircut, as my hair is getting long again. I get excited just thinking about the warm water soaking my hair, the soft hands running through my scalp, the feeling as the shampoo is massaged into a rich lather, and the smell of the shampoo as it is being...
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    Hairdressing Salons Fascinate Me...

    Whenever I walk past a hairdressing salon I look inside. I see how the stylists look and if they look good, I make a note to perhaps pay it a visit, but if they look like something which has been dragged through a hedge backwards - you know the look - I walk on by. Why are the...
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    Shampoo Fantasy

    I love getting my hair washed by another person, but I also enjoy washing a woman's hair. If only I could wash some girls hair for her and have her wash mine. That would be absolutely fantastic. There's just something about having a woman run her hands through my hair and massage...
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    Memories Through The Kitchen Window

    Memories Through The Kitchen Window by Joey Part One How did my fascination with long hair and particularly long hair being shampooed begin? Well way back when I could only have been about four or five years old. I remember when we lived in a town in the north of England in...
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    Feb 9, 2011

    Getting Shampooed At The Salon

    It had been about 6 weeks or so since I had last gotten my hair cut. It was starting to get long and out of control, growing past and over my ears. It was time to go get a haircut. The place that I had been going to had always done a good job and it was affordable so I went back...
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    Mar 25, 2013

    Paula Part Two

    Subject: The lady next door Part 2 As that summer went by I still used to use my vantage point in the treehouse to watch the lady next door wash her wonderful hair over the kitchen sink definitely on a Friday about 10.30am some times Charley would shampoo Paula`s hair for her...
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    The Gentleman's Shampoo

    Reaching for a tall blue bottle Ivan began to tousle Jennings' head wildly with his right hand, as if preparing him for the experience. As Jennings seemed to relax a bit, Ivan began to apply a thick, blue gelatinous liquid which had been mixed with water circumspectly about...
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