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I Want to Have Sex With Another Girl

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    I've never done anything with a woman before

    and would like to try it as even thinking about it makes me wet! In the UK
    deleted deleted
    Sep 11, 2015

    Really Want to

    i really want to have sex with another woman i have always wanted to i dream of it more and more each dream starts with a romantic candle light dinner with lobsters crabmeat baked potatos and beef tips with chocolate covers strawberries and whipped cream to dip them in...
    dreamcatcher4u dreamcatcher4u
    36-40, F
    21 Responses Sep 3, 2007

    Sigh... When...

    i'm still young, and never been with a girl. i know i'm bisexual ever since i was in middle school. i've always wanted to kiss a girl because it seems more fun and passionate. i like guys too but i just want to try how it would feel to be with another girl. and it's SO hard to...
    xrawrrr xrawrrr
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Nov 27, 2011

    I Wish

    I am crazy in love my best friend and she knows it because she always tries to turn me on. Nichole is so beautiful! She has thick blond hair, blue green eyes, she's funny, smart, kindhearted, clumsy, loyal,loving, and original. I know both of us want to kiss each other...
    ChelseyGirl18 ChelseyGirl18
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Sep 17, 2013

    I fantasize about girls I close my eyes

    and cross my legs and think of ******* that ***** I am not a lesbian cause I just **** guys but I would want to try a girl anyone interested please I want to suck that **** hehehe
    chichi95 chichi95
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 6, 2014

    I have always fantasized about being with a

    women I think women are beautiful sexy I would LUV to meet a women to experience the sensual closeness and see how amazing it would feel to touch to feel her but how the he'll do u make that happen
    Mslmhgred Mslmhgred
    41-45, F
    Dec 1, 2015

    Dripping Wet Ecstacy

    There is nothing that my body craves more than to have another wet pvssy rubbing on mine grinding and sticking and pulsing.. i just really need to do this. Haha  I live in Las Vegas, any sexy thick girls living/visiting here that want to have some naughty wet fun hit me up NOW...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Aug 31, 2013


    I really wanna try sex with another female ever since my boyfriend has mentioned watching me with another women and it has got me thinking. If there is anybody Around that can help please get in touch. This is a first time thing for me.
    Louisejade Louisejade
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Aug 6, 2011

    I am in my 20's and I recently have started to

    develop feelings for my best friend. I have never been with a girl, or really ever had feelings for another woman. But there is something about her. I have not told her, and I don't know if I should because we are so close, and I would hate to lose her friendship. There have...
    nowayjoes2013 nowayjoes2013
    1 Response Dec 8, 2013

    horny daddy here want a slave

    or a bby girl any age ;)
    hornydaddy123 hornydaddy123
    26-30, M
    Mar 30, 2016

    I'm 20...turning 21 and lately I've been

    thinking a lot about trying to have sex with another girl. I have a boyfriend and it really turns me on imagining having my boyfriend watches it...and perhaps joining if the other person doesn't mind. Is this too weird? I really would love to try it.
    Analicia Analicia
    Apr 21, 2015

    Looking For A Girl Or Woman For Some Fun

    I bin wanting to try it for so long the thought of a woman naked next to mine kissing and touching each other body make me so wet watch so meny girl on girl films just love to try it for real
    angiepussy angiepussy
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2013

    Im 18 and i really want to experience things

    with a girl...I live in socal and it goes against everything ive been taught as a child. i dont really want an emotional attachment i just want to do it without commitment... i just really want to try it
    kaija95 kaija95
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Feb 2, 2014

    MSP and SD

     You looked so cute curled up on the couch, asleep… I almost didn’t want to wake you. I sat near your head and began to stroke your hair, oh it is so soft and the scent, perfect. You start to stir a bit as I begin to trace your face with my fingertips. Down...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    35 Responses Aug 8, 2007

    Just Love It

    I have had sex with another girl. I miss it so much. There is nothing like it in the world. The most sensual experience. The caressing of soft sweet smelling skin. Kissing so deep. Going to places youve never gone before. The pleasure is so unbelievable and so inviting. It keeps...
    picgirl picgirl
    31-35, F
    22 Responses Mar 4, 2008

    Experiment With Me ??

    Really want to experiment with another girl ages 18-25. I've thought about it for awhile and tried to just forgot about it but can't get the thought of having a wet ***** in my face or my fingers up a wet **** out of my mind someone help pleaseee!?
    braceyourself2991 braceyourself2991
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Sep 1, 2013

    First Girl Crush

    hi im new here :) im 21 and i even though ive had crushes on girls before ive always been to scard to act on them. but i have this friend who im like in love with even though ive known her for like a few weeks and ive been dying to kiss her. it drive me insane that i havent yet...
    awkwardisalifestyle awkwardisalifestyle
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 4, 2010


    I want to see what all the fuss is different it is, I'm thinking it may be more sensual with a girl and I would prefer some random person instead of someone I know ....that might be a bit awkard
    SugarandSpice SugarandSpice
    22-25, F
    9 Responses Aug 17, 2007

    Any girls in the riverside - san bernardino

    area want to experiment with another girl?
    SecretGirl87 SecretGirl87
    18-21, F
    Dec 25, 2015

    Still Want To

    I've had a few girl on girl experiences but its been a very long time. I'm 32 live in Brooklyn ny but am close to New Jersey And Long Island If any others are interested I'd love to hear from you.
    Alicia38 Alicia38
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Sep 10, 2013

    I Want To Experiment With Another Girl

    Lately I have been really wondering what it would be like to make love to another woman. I have never been with a girl before, and never really wanted to til now. I know I'm not a lesbian, I love **** too much! But I have been looking at women and feeling attracted to some of...
    michelle13037 michelle13037
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Apr 12, 2012

    I'm Straight And Have A Boyfirend, But...

    I'm straight and have a boyfriend, but I would like to have sex with a girl. Especially in front of my boyfriend. For some reason, I don't want the girl to have sex with my boyfriend though. I would like my boyfriend to take me doggie style while I go down on a girl. I would also...
    imabe imabe
    26-30, F
    12 Responses Jul 24, 2012

    Still Looking

    ? Anybody?? C'mon lol. Message me. :p
    LaceinBlack LaceinBlack
    26-30, F
    9 Responses Aug 29, 2013


    Hi im bisexual and have a boyfriend but i want to do stuff with another girl and him watch is there anyone out there in the uk that would be up for it?
    muffinbear123 muffinbear123
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 10, 2013

    I've drunkenly hooked up with girls before,

    but i am dying to have sex with one! Girls are so incredibly sexy, it's getting to the point where I am fantasizing about being with a girl when I am with a guy. Anyone in Baltimore?
    BiCuriouslyWaiting BiCuriouslyWaiting
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 19, 2013

    I've been wanting to know what it's like to be

    with another female. Although it makes me nervous to post that on here because there can be so many people who can be untrustworthy on here. Although it is a risk when getting the app and confessing your most inner thoughts. Also, I'm even unsure on how to approach the topic. If...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Aug 1, 2015

    I'm a straight girl but have constant fantasies

    of being Naughty with another Girl. I want to do Everything to her. I would love to fulfill this fantasy
    Keenegirl1 Keenegirl1
    1 Response Apr 9, 2015

    I Want To Have Sex With Someone Im Attracted To But Too Shy To Go Out

     help! im a very attractive female but very shy ive never yet had first-time sex with a hot girl, im now 31 still luckily look so young  i dont have any girls as friends but only a few guys who i dont really get to see or would want to ask, hey take me to gay places lol...
    davinababy39 davinababy39
    31-35, F
    5 Responses May 20, 2010

    Forbidden Love

    I was raised in a strong Christian home,and I was taught that being gay or bisexual is wrong,but ever since I was 13 I new that I was bisexual. I am 18 now and I still have not told my family that I am bisexual or that I am dating a girl, Nichole, is my best friend and I couldn't...
    ChelseyGirl18 ChelseyGirl18
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Sep 17, 2013

    Never Done It

    I have always wanted to have sex with a girl her her timing down my chest licking my nipples touching me in a way that man would never understand I want to try it for the first time I live LA I will send you a picture by txt hit me up you must be a lipstick lesbian or girly girl
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 11, 2013

    When I Was Little

    I had a friend who was about 3 yrs older than me we were best friends she lived next door. One day she asked me if we could play this game. She said I could see your and she would show me hers. I was young about 5 and I thought it was ok. She pulled up her skirt and showers me...
    Memeismyname93 Memeismyname93
    18-21, F
    Sep 28, 2013

    Falling For A Girl

    I want this girl so badly and I know she wants me too maybe not as badly but still. She hit on me a few months ago but I didn't realize how I felt yet because I've never really thought about a girl this way. Now she has this guy she's kinda dating but I think she would rather be...
    Rllyrlly Rllyrlly
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 15, 2013

    So Curious

    Recently I turned 50 years of age and for the past 12-18 months I have had this feeling of wanting to be with a woman. After two failed marriages for some reason I just want to experience the feeling of being in a womans arms. Its not that i hate men its just I want someone to...
    curious1809 curious1809
    51-55, F
    Oct 17, 2013

    I wana find another girl

    who can give me my first lesbian expeience but i dnt know how. Any advice? I dnt wana ask people im close to because it would just make thngs awkwars i wana maybe chat with someone then get together and go from there. Im from riverside california.
    SecretGirl87 SecretGirl87
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 14, 2015

    Guess What I Found!

    I know a lot of you, like me are too shy to go out and find a girl in the same situation as you, and with the same feelings.  Well, after deciding I'm not ready for the bar scene, I searched the internet for groups and websites in general for dating and such.  I hadn't...
    casualty casualty
    22-25, F
    Jun 5, 2010

    I Have Alwayed Wanted To **** A Girl.

    i just turned 16 and on my bucket list before i turn 17 is to **** a girl
    uptoanything uptoanything
    18-21, F
    3 Responses May 31, 2013

    I Am Sexually Attracted To One Of My Girl Friends

    This past week, I started talking to one of my friends a lot more than usual. I already knew that she was bi and she knew I was too. Whenever I see her, I have this desire to kiss her and I really wish it would come true. Here is my favorite sexual fantasy that I think about with...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 21, 2012

    Black female, 22. I live in Tennessee.

    I love females. My fantasy is to be w/ another white female, but im open to any race. Message me if interested!!!
    ChocolatePussy10 ChocolatePussy10
    26-30, F
    Dec 29, 2013

    Sex With My Cousin

    when i was 12 i used to play hide and seek it happened that i hid with my girl cousin. first we started to stare each other then kissed in lips until we crave in each other :D
    iamhot08 iamhot08
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

    Woo Hoo!!

    I swear the fact that I cannot seem to get one of my good friends out of my head drives me crazy!! I mean how can I not look at her and want to have her all nite? But she goes from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. She's told me her "back off" thing is she was letting...
    Rayne Rayne
    22-25, F
    7 Responses May 3, 2007

    I Want To Touch You

    I went out with a girl, but she was very self-conscious. We slept in her bed together at night and all I could think about was reaching over, sliding my hand under her shirt and massaging those soft breasts of hers. I wanted a taste, and I wanted her to feel good. I wanted to...
    nudefae nudefae
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 1, 2011

    I just hooked up with my friend last night.

    I've literally spent the entire day in bed ************ just replaying every moment of it
    theashleeshow305 theashleeshow305
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jul 31, 2014

    hi im 18 and ive always wanted to have sex with

    another girl. its beautiful. message me if youre from chicago
    sugarandlove sugarandlove
    18-21, F
    Aug 7, 2015

    I've just been dreaming about having sex with

    another girl for a minute now. I'm not gay or bi just a little curious. I just want somebody to chat with message me 😊
    Nana1738 Nana1738
    22-25, F
    Sep 4, 2015

    This is so super common .

    . Almost every girl I know has been with another woman or fantasizes about it . It's just a totally different ( not better ) experience than being with a man . I love getting that more sensual side every so often , If your in the vegas area and your feminine I would love to chat...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 27, 2015
    Lesbianmummy Lesbianmummy
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Dec 26, 2014

    Just Did

    had my first taste of a woman and it was awesome !!!! now i know what the men enjoy eating and i am joining them at the table ;)  i have just finished two nights and a day of constant sex (with some sleep, eat and toilet breaks when absolutely necessary) only stopping...
    51-55, F
    1 Response Sep 1, 2009


    I fell asleep on your bed. Right next to you. Under the same sheet. We had been cuddling for awhile but it meant a lot more to me than it did to you. To you it was just 2 girls hanging out on a bed. Legs draped over one another; bodies ridiculously  close, but I wanted more. I...
    funnygirl101 funnygirl101
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Oct 19, 2011

    I Loved It And Im Craving More -the Story Of My First Time With A Girl

    After i had started feeling attraction to other girls, because of the summer fling i had (which i just mentioned in the other story) i needed to find a girl that could help me in my craving, so i met this girl online a bit sketchy i know but i live in a very conservative city, i...
    Anamegk Anamegk
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Dec 10, 2012

    I Want It So Bad...

    Gosh, I feel like I just need to get it out of my system.  I think about it all the time, even when I'm having sex with my boyfriend.  When he licks my breasts, I imagine another woman licking them.  When I watch sex on TV, I love watching women licking other women...
    GirlGirl888 GirlGirl888
    18-21, F
    9 Responses Oct 17, 2007

    I Want To Be With A Girl

    I'm 19 years old and just have a little addiction to watching girl on girl videos. No one I know, knows this about me but ever since I've started watching the videos I've wanted to try it but have never had the opportunity before. But I would love to because it looks so sexy and...
    Heyleyyy Heyleyyy
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Aug 23, 2013

    I Couldnt Believe I Liked It So Much

    One day i went out with my friends, i was a bit drunk and everything was going fine, then this pretty girl started looking at me and smiling i didnt know what was happening but i do remeber i returned te smiles and the looks finally she came closer to me and asked me for my phone...
    Anamegk Anamegk
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

    My Dream

    I have a boyfriend but I really would love to have a one on one experience with a girl. I would love to rub her kiss her and lick every inch of her. I want that experience but I can't find anyone to experience it with :(
    missanonymous101 missanonymous101
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Sep 10, 2013

    i had sex once with a girl

    and it was the best experience ever. i really want to do it again
    irishhoney irishhoney
    36-40, F
    8 Responses May 10, 2014

    I Think I Like Girls

    I want someone to say what the would do to me if we had sex, I might like girls.
    yerduaaudrey yerduaaudrey
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jul 24, 2013

    Curious 18 Year Old

    I'm 18 and I really want to be with another girl. Maybe not necessarily sex, just the touching and kissing that comes before sex. I want to be in bed with a girl and feel her naked body against mine, I know I'm not emotionally attracted to girls, just sexually. And I know I like...
    lovemarilyn lovemarilyn
    18-21, F
    23 Responses Nov 9, 2012
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