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I Want to Know How People Want to Die

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    Going Out With a Bang... Or a Whimper?

    Of course, I'd rather not die. But if I must then I would probably want to get shot. Not in a robbery or anything, but at a big event. Like, if I was running for president and then I got shot. Or maybe saving the world. I wouldn't want to die because of a disease, sickness, or...
    Dereknl Dereknl
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 17, 2008

    The End

    Don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry, but when the time comes, I intend to "accidently" OD on something that will put me to a permanent nap. Of course I may not have any say in the matter, but if I do, that's how I'd prefer to go.
    grouchyoldman grouchyoldman
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Mar 17, 2008

    Which Way Did He Go?

    i wanna die painless.that was easy
    26-30, M
    Dec 28, 2007

    One of These Would Be Ideal

    1. suicide 2. fighting for something or someone I strongly love or believe in 3. natural disaster
    eromreven eromreven
    1 Response Dec 26, 2007


    I want to die with as much pain as possable because you only die once and you will never feel any pain as great as the time you are dieing and it won't hurt forever but thats how i want to go and i don't really know why
    mulder mulder
    3 Responses Dec 28, 2007

    I Like My Friend's Answer

     He said he knew how he wanted to go out: "by a jealous husband."    
    accomplice accomplice
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 13, 2008


    i used to think about this when i was younger, what would be the absolute easiest way to go. drowning or burning, i thought, would be the worst, while dying instantaneously in an accident or peacefully in your sleep would be the best. but at some point i decided that i wasn't...
    journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
    26-30, F
    Dec 28, 2007

    As Long As It's Fast..

    I think every method that's fast would be okay with me. Except for being shot. Somehow it really scares me to think of my head being completely distroyed.
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Dec 28, 2007


    Loved and in love And the people i loved understood that i really meant it
    deleted deleted
    May 2, 2008


    i wanna die young, like 37, and i want to die jumping out of a plane, i'll have a parachute of course, but i wont have it on, i'll throw it out of the plane and then jump after it and try to get it, and i will make it the first few times, but one time i'm just gonna miss and fall...
    Javas Javas
    18-21, M
    1 Response Dec 29, 2007

    How to People Want to Go Out

    How would you like to die(if you had a choice)  How don't you want to go out? I suppose if I have to die, it would be in the arms of a lover that knew everything about me.  I heard about a kid climbing into a dishwasher and when he closed the door it automatically...
    deleted deleted
    16 Responses Sep 30, 2007

    This Is How I Wanna Go...

    I wanna go out during a performance after a standing ovation after one last great performance. That's how I wanna go out. I wanna die onstage. Anything less wouldn't be me.
    drcynic drcynic
    26-30, M
    5 Responses Dec 28, 2007


    Who the HELL picked the logo for THIS group? It looks like the kitten in I Dont Think Anyone Should Rob a Kitten has lost meaning in life. Jesus, something a little less.....THAT, please!?
    BoomSickle BoomSickle
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Mar 14, 2008

    I Want to Die With Honour

    I want to die with honour defending a Lass from harm. My first love was raped and murdered and I made a vow at her grave to defend women for tje rest of my life. I also consecrated my sword to that purpose.
    Raibeart Raibeart
    51-55, M
    Apr 17, 2008

    Just Close My Eyes

    On a perfect day when the clouds in the sky pass like giant pieces in a enormous moving white puzzle just above my head, slowly coming together. And when the sunlight breaks in between them it shine upon the sea in gold and silver streaks that shimmer hypnotically, illuminating...
    CopperCoil CopperCoil
    36-40, M
    May 18, 2008

    I've Seen the Best of Both..

    My Grandfather (whom I was closest to in all the world) was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and died just two months later..  We all knew he had no chance and were able to say all of our 'I LOVE YOUs' to him and say goodbye in the best way possible.. as painful as it was... ...
    Sabrina0202 Sabrina0202
    41-45, F
    9 Responses Jan 24, 2008

    B-B-Q Anyone?

    Everyone thinks I'm crazy for this, but I want to burn to death. I've already drowned, I figure fire is the logical next step. I don't just want to cease existing, I want a few moments to realize what is happening, to feel it happening. Last time there was a sense of peace and...
    eyes eyes
    31-35, F
    9 Responses Apr 8, 2008

    Quick and Relatively Painlessly

    I want to die quick and relatively painlessly. Either that or I want to die in some fantastically horrible way or in some really funny way- like a piano falls on me or something. That way I'll know people are talking about me after I die...haha
    tqoftu tqoftu
    22-25, F
    Dec 28, 2007
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