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I Want To Know How You Told Your Wife That Like To Dress Up

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    Wife Knows!!!

    She kinda in a small way started my Crossdressing buying sexy things for me too wear during our love making sessions. I realy started when i was 11 but when I turned 18 I stoped, until my wife started buying for me. I was buying her lingerie for her. when the wife started...
    serinalynn serinalynn
    66-70, M
    2 Responses Sep 23, 2011

    Cleaning Up

    While my girl friend (now wife) was cleaning up my apartment she found a bag of lingerie a former girl friend had force/blackmailed me into wearing. She accused me of cheating on her and when I confessed that they were really mine she didn't believe me. She made me prove it by...
    wifespantyboy wifespantyboy
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Jan 29, 2012

    How I Told Her

    I started the conversation by telling her that I just had to tell her something. I told her all about it. I told her that after over 20 years of marriage than I felt that she needed to know that I have always loved it and never understood why. I told her about how it felt right...
    TaraCDgirl TaraCDgirl
    41-45, M
    8 Responses Jan 15, 2010

    Crossdressing Couple

    First thing is dont make it a big deal, tell them early in the relationship, and be honest. Dont think you have to tell her everything the first night, be vague at first to feel her out. If she seems receptive than go forward with telling her or showing her more. If she wants to...
    pantiescouple pantiescouple
    1 Response Mar 16, 2011

    On A Date

    While Donna and I were dating for about three months we went on a bike ride and I was wearing a Pair of black and gray striped panties under my gym shorts. We stopped at a park and started to make out on the swings and when she reached under my shorts I blurted out that I was...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 26, 2012

    I Told Her Before We Got Married

    When my wife and I dating, and things had become serious, I knew I would have to tell her. First off, at this time in our relationship, I should say I felt that my wife-to-be was an open minded individual, and probably wouldn't go ballistic when I told her. Still, I tried to...
    BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
    56-60, T
    2 Responses Nov 16, 2011

    Destruction Of Marriage

    After awhile of contemplating telling my wife of 2yrs that I crossdress ,One day I came home from work before she got home and dressed up and upon her entering our apt. I yelled to her that I had something to show her . She then entered the bedroom while I lay decked out { in...
    jwayne8769 jwayne8769
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Mar 6, 2012

    Got Drunk In Mexico

    What is it about tequilla that makesus come out to our wives? I came out to my wife in Puerto Vallarta, while pretty buzzed on some local tequilla. She was a little surprised, but then she took me out shopping for lingerie, make up, shoes, wigs, etc. Since then we are 100% open...
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Feb 14, 2012

    I Told My First Wife

    At the age of 18, before we were married (she married me anyway, I think she thought I would grow out of it, or that she could change me.)We were playing around on the couch, no body was home. I grabbed her lipstick and put it on, saying that I wanted to feel what if felt like to...
    JoanieNewHampshire JoanieNewHampshire
    61-65, T
    9 Responses Jan 28, 2012

    Coming Clean

    I had spent my birthday alone for a few hours, like every year I had my special bottle of Tequila from deep in Mexico, smooth and to the point. My wife had gone out with two of our adult kids for some shopping, I was sitting in these so soft pink satin panties, a form fitting...
    Alasandra Alasandra
    51-55, F
    1 Response Feb 11, 2012

    I Was Forced To Admit

    I told after she forced. E to after finding my bag of clothes! I was so ashamed and humiliated, but I think not as much as her. She is my all and I love her and I was very dishonest to her. But it is so hard to explain why I dress up and why I love to. I have such vivid fantacies...
    Surreycrossdresser Surreycrossdresser
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Oct 8, 2012

    Wife Knows

    Before we were married we were sharing an apartment with my sister and her husband.One night the four of us were playing cards and we all had a little (a lot) to much to drink.Our conversations always went from what happened that day to who knows what! Tonight it went to sex...
    christy2u christy2u
    61-65, T
    3 Responses Nov 16, 2011

    I Told my wife real slow i started by telling

    her i love wearing panties she just smile and told me to go ahead then it was bras i more i told her the more she was ok with it i kinda thought she would because she has a trans friend in town she talk to well it all work out for the best now we live as 2 women i love it
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Sep 6, 2014

    Sooo, You Want To Know?

    About one month after my wife and I did the "I do" bit... She informed me one morning that she was going shopping with a neighbor lady. The mall that she informed me that they were going to was about 25 miles from our home. Two women going shopping together I thought to myself...
    sherrynpantyhose2k4 sherrynpantyhose2k4
    51-55, T
    5 Responses Apr 22, 2012

    The Wrong Way

    I told my wife about my dressing shortly after we were married. This was in 1979, before the internet and still back in "the dark ages." Like so many others I thought I was the only one, that gettimg married would "cure" me, but it just got stronger. So one day I got all...
    57Peggy 57Peggy
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Dec 16, 2011

    2 Wives... 2 Stories

    I got hooked on lingerie by looking at catalogs every year at Christmas time. I would look at the toys when someone was in the room, but when no one was around I would look at the lingerie section. When I reached puberty and discovered ************, I would look at the lingerie...
    happilymarriedguy happilymarriedguy
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jan 28, 2012

    She Has Always Known That I Like To Dress Up But

    I told her after we had been together for about a year that I had enjoyed dressing feminine and she didn't seem particularly bothered. It all went away for a few years, but came back with avengance. Then went away, then came back again, you know what I mean. Then I found ep and...
    Heellover Heellover
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Oct 12, 2012

    Little By Little

    I don't know how to begin because I have been a cross dresser scene I was very young but one thing I can say is that it's slippy slope to walk when you tell the woman that your  in love with you are a cross dresser.I'm 1 for3 . The first time the only...
    notech64 notech64
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Jan 7, 2010

    Hopeful She Will Understand

    I don't know how to say this but I have been dressing since I was a teenager.... Been married for 14 years and with her almost 20. Yesterday she was hiding some presents for the boys for Xmas and she found a bag with my boots pantyhose and makeup and misc other things. I don't...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Nov 25, 2012
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