I Want to Know Why You Think You Are Sponge Worthy

aka, run your case by me one more time...if you don't know, don't ask 49 People

    Classic Line Ever- Lol

    Unfortunately, I've had several experiences that were a total waste of time- unfulfilling, lacked creativity, was TOTALLY UNSPONGE WORTHY! Sometimes think they know what they are doing but women... these men are clueless because of us! How many of us have FAKED "it"...
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    Sep 11, 2009

    I'll Jump In...

    OK, I read the first Q&A and if I'm understanding this correctly....  here goes: My user ID is not ego-maniacal gloating, it is a mission statement.   My women must be satisfied FIRST!  Each woman I am with (ok, that should really be a past-tense...
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    Sponge Worthy

    I LOVE this scene - Haven't thought about it in years but I saw this group and I thought got to see it.  I went on youtube and there it was.  Elaine is so very funny. Here's to quick access:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FjmbRParcc
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    Sponge Worthy???

    Would someone like to explain to me just exactly what "sponge worthy" is????
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      I have this friend her name is Charlie, dont see her much and talk just hardly.   But in my mind I know she's there, A friend indeed that cant compare.   A week she was gone not a word did I hear a wreck she had been in hope it wasnt a reindeer...
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