I Want to Know Your Favorite Fast Food Place

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    In-n-out has to be my favorite.

    The one reason I love living in California.
    meganayyye21 meganayyye21
    18-21, F
    Apr 15, 2014

    My Favorites

    My favorite fast food place....well I don't go out to eat for fast food very often, usually once every two weeks. I do have a few I like better than others though. I really enjoy just certain things and certain places. I love Krystal's Hamburgers, Sonic, Mcdonalds, Wendy's...
    Sweetheartxoxo Sweetheartxoxo
    26-30, F
    Apr 19, 2008


    It's not really my favorite as much as it is the closest and most convenient. That is, very few things from McDonald's DON'T activate my indigestion. One would be the Chicken Wrap...I normally have two if at all... The french fries are semi-safe...And if I don't have...
    Bandkanon Bandkanon
    18-21, F
    Mar 5, 2008

    Favorites From Different Fast Food Joints

    Sonics, their real fruit slushes, lemon berry being my favorite Checkers(or Rally's), their fries Burger King and Krystal's tie for burgers Hungry Howies pizza, their antipasto salads Churches chicken, for their biscuits Popeye's their chicken(although super expensive...
    Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
    36-40, F
    Dec 16, 2012


    Is there anything better than In-N-Out Burger? If you're not in the west coast sorry, but it's the best!
    ThisIsNotBilly ThisIsNotBilly
    26-30, M
    7 Responses Dec 20, 2007


    But only occasionally Honey oat bread, with chicken, jalapeno peppers, red onions, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce is my lunch during a bad day at work as Subway is just next door.  
    deleted deleted
    May 20, 2009

    Chick Fil A

    I am a healthy food girl, but if I had to pick, it would be CFA, hands down. The organization seems to really care about others, so it seems they would be most trustworthy about their food too. Plus, their food is really delicious, as fast food goes.
    imathinkin imathinkin
    51-55, F
    1 Response Aug 23, 2010

    Taco Bell

    The cheesy gordita crunches! OMG!
    SoakedInSoul SoakedInSoul
    Apr 21, 2009


    I never eat fast food!
    deleted deleted
    May 14, 2008

    I Love This Place....

    Wendy's...I love their baked potatoes with sour cream. Also, I enjoy their small chili and Ultimate Chicken Grill sandwiches
    msteresa87 msteresa87
    22-25, F
    Oct 2, 2011


    I loooooooove their lil tater tots! And my favorite sweet treat from there is the Mocha Java Chiller :) its like heaven in your mouth
    teresa1021 teresa1021
    18-21, F
    Oct 14, 2011

    A Little of This and That..

    the perfect fast food meal in my eyes is  breakfast from jack probably a supreme croissant, along with a iced coffee from burger king..  Then for lunch i would like a chick-fil-a sandwich perhaps a number three or eight of course with the waffle fries OR a double dell...
    AuThEnTiC AuThEnTiC
    18-21, F
    Jan 4, 2008

    In N Out

    Far and away the best hamburger you can get from a drive through, or walk-in for that matter. Try getting your double-double with an extra toasted bun and grilled onions,  yum! For those poor souls who havent had the pleasure, put it on your list of things to do when you...
    abilectic abilectic
    31-35, M
    1 Response Apr 13, 2008

    Back Yard Burger

    absolutely, hands down, the best fast food burger
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 20, 2007

    Just One????

    I don't think I can pick one, and only one. Each place has a unique flavor and menu. I really depends on what I want. McDonald's is the closest and fastest. They have diet friendly menu It items. (Love the yogurt parfait) The Happy Meal toy is always much better than the...
    ColorMeReal ColorMeReal
    41-45, F
    Dec 21, 2007

    Taco Bell

    i just loveeating at taco bell food all the time i love eating tacos the salads are good and so is the mexican pizza all the food at taco bell rocks  .and i also love subway too and wendys is good too .taco bell wendys subway and mcdonalds rocks.
    bloosmthree bloosmthree
    36-40, F
    Jan 4, 2012

    The List Of The Favorites

    Can't really choose a favorite cause it all depends on what your looking for, so lets start out with the easy stuff.....Taco Bell or Del Taco....  Okay, Okay I know that I have given Taco Bell or Taco Hell a rap in the past, but have to say their stuffed grilled burrito is a...
    mtvlm mtvlm
    41-45, M
    Apr 10, 2012

    Taco Bell, And Mcdonalds

    I get Taco Bells beef gorditas almost everyday I'm totally in love with them. Plus I love mcdonalds Bigmacs I always get it with large fries and a shake.
    Jess461 Jess461
    Jul 17, 2010

    It's Not In America

    When we were in France this summer, we were at the end of our money (expensive country!!) and wanted to have some food when we left the beach.  Nothing but seaside (fancy) restaurants were around, so we drove a bit, and found a mall with a thing that looked like a more...
    deleted deleted
    Dec 21, 2007

    Sonic!!! #2 burger with green chile,

    tots and of course that wonderful cherry limeade!!!!!
    AuntieShani AuntieShani
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jul 24, 2014

    To Many Places..............

    I eat out at to many places! I can't just pick one. I think I made a list last time! Lil. I know.........................   I love to eat cheese burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches with mustard, pickles, ketchup, onions and mayo plain buns or ...
    123ct 123ct
    36-40, F
    Apr 11, 2008
    Nya25 Nya25
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jul 1, 2015

    Yum Yum Yum Yum

    As a vegetarian, I enjoy taco bell. Taco Bell meets all my needs..Yummy beans...what is better than that
    Esor0587 Esor0587
    May 14, 2008

    Best Fast Food

    Quizno's Pizza Pizza Tim Horton's - it's an instution! Gotta love Tims  
    gdgtgrl gdgtgrl
    41-45, F
    Apr 11, 2008

    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant(s)

    I have two favorite fast food restaurants, McDonalds and Subway. I'm a plain and simple person so I just order a plain cheeseburger, dr. pepper, and fries! Subway has the best Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich.
    AuntTammy AuntTammy
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 16, 2008

    Five Guys

    Five Guys.  They have the best burgers and their fries have really good seasoning!  I always get a bacon cheeseburger with everything on it except for mayo.  Mayo's disgusting.
    yoyy yoyy
    26-30, F
    Dec 18, 2008

    Subway All the Way

    Not completely fast food, but I love Subway!!! If it has to be a drive-thru, Taco Cabana or Sonic. I don't each fast food very often though. When I am starving, I wait until I get home and heat up some frozen veggies and chow down on those for dinner. Thats faster than...
    eyes eyes
    31-35, F
    8 Responses Dec 20, 2007

    Fast Food Hillbilly Style!

    We hillbillys think hitting a deer while driving 60 miles an hour is "fast food"! Sorry,couldn't help it....thought I was Jeff Foxworthy there for a minute. I like McDonalds cheezeburgers and Kentucky Fried Chicken...
    PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
    46-50, F
    26 Responses Dec 20, 2007

    Has to Be !

    Mcdonalds. Dominos. Greggs. There the best for me ! : )
    teddypompom teddypompom
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Dec 18, 2008

    Texas <3

    Here in Texas I'm lucky to have two restaurants that I don't believe are in many other states, one is whataburger mmmmmmm the other is DQ aka dairy queen yummmm that's what I like about Texas
    Kiundrammhmm Kiundrammhmm
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 10, 2013

    Not really fast food

    but mine is sushi train
    Maddhatter131 Maddhatter131
    16-17, F
    1 Response Feb 7, 2015

    Wite House Sub Shop

    the best subs in the i ever had  2301 Arctic Ave., Atlantic City, NJ
    markmee markmee
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Mar 31, 2012
    xlovelybutterflyx xlovelybutterflyx
    22-25, F
    Sep 1, 2014

    Not The Norm

    I dont like any of the chain fast food places, they're just not very nice...... My favourite fast food place by where I live is Tokyou.  It's a noodle bar and it's really tastey and it's fast food :)
    shiblet shiblet
    18-21, F
    Oct 16, 2009

    A #4 With A Lemon-lime Soda...please.

    Chick-fil-a:Spicy Chicken sandwich deluxe with pepper-jack cheese and a lemon-lime soda. It doesn't get better than that. I love their customer service, it's always a pleasure to spend money there.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 15, 2012
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