I Want To Learn How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Actually, I could eat lemons 'til the enamel dissolves from my teeth, but I thought it was an obvious analogy. When life hands you lemons... 83 People

    Sometimes It's Hard To See Any Path Clearly, Let Alone The Right One.

    It often seems that some people just have a natural ability to make the best of difficult circumstances.  This is one thing I've always struggled with.  I think it has to be something you can learn, but maybe it depends on who you are.  I don't really know. ...
    VegaNadir VegaNadir
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    Some people are really good at this

    and I really admire that skill! I am slowly learning to change a negative to a positive and looking at the other side the bright side! Once i can do this then I be able to get rid of negativity for good! I think it is a good skill to have! If any of you got any ideas how let...
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    Apr 19, 2015
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