I Want to Learn Math From the Very Beginning

From the start of addition to subtraction - as long as I can start at my own pace. 11 People

    I Need Help With Math!!!

    I want to take my GED test but the problem is i'm so far behind in my math skills. I was never good in math in shcool. I hated it it was always confusing and I never got the one on one time I needed to completly understand the portion of math that was being tought before we moved...
    britneyred britneyred
    Jun 16, 2010

    Home Schooled And Love Math

    I was home schooled till 6th grade got rushed through the public school system and ever got a chance to really learn math. I want to start at the beggining. Its going to be so fun.
    zigerlishes zigerlishes
    Sep 16, 2012
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