I Want to Look Out the Window and See the Earth

It is really possible, at times... 16 People

    Wicked Blue

    It would be so beautiful to look out the window and see Earth. I can't imagine how much that would inspire me. Pictures of earth with all those swirly clouds and the deep blue color.. To be able to actually see it at a distance, not through a picture, Oh man.. I'd love that so...
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    When the Astronauts Are Sleeping (and Bandwidth Is Low)...

    ...there's a "webcam" pointing out one of the Earth facing windows on the International Space Station.  The view is from about 200 miles up, and it's traveling at about 18,000 MPH (350 km/28.000 km/h) At other  times there's a map of the location of the...
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    1 Response May 4, 2009
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