I Want to Look Out the Window and See the Earth

It is really possible, at times... 17 People

    When the Astronauts Are Sleeping (and Bandwidth Is Low)...

    ...there's a "webcam" pointing out one of the Earth facing windows on the International Space Station.  The view is from about 200 miles up, and it's traveling at about 18,000 MPH (350 km/28.000 km/h) At other  times there's a map of the location of the...
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    Wicked Blue

    It would be so beautiful to look out the window and see Earth. I can't imagine how much that would inspire me. Pictures of earth with all those swirly clouds and the deep blue color.. To be able to actually see it at a distance, not through a picture, Oh man.. I'd love that so...
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    1 Response May 4, 2009
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