I Want to Talk About Anger


    Lies Anger Tells Us

    1) We are angry and cannot control the feeling. Anger is a choice that we make.
    retiredfather retiredfather
    61-65, M
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    Chronic Anger - Signs and Symptons

    1) Impatience 2) Constant hurrying 3) Speaking in an abrupt or harsh manner 4) Egotistical or self centered behavior 5) Inability to relax readily 6) High blood pressure 7) Inability to play or enjoy vacations 8) Verbal aggressiveness 9) Free floating hostility
    retiredfather retiredfather
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    Definition of Anger

    Anger is an unpleasant emotionally state characterized by high physiological arousal.                                 ...
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    Chronic Anger

    1) May be Pathological- may poisons a person'slife or contribute to a physical illness. 2)Expressive- anger is expressive and out of bounds as a result of a frustrating experience. 3) Irrational- an idea that is neither logical or reasonable is linked with it.
    retiredfather retiredfather
    61-65, M
    Jun 26, 2009

    I Just Want To Hurry Up And Release All My Anger

    I don't holding anger. I just wnat to release it. So it will go away. I am ready to fail God. I always feel like sooner or later I am going to fail him by doing something violent. So how can I go on and be violent and get it over with.
    chicago54 chicago54
    22-25, M
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    Pyschology of Anger

    My name is Frankie. I am a summer psych intern in RetiredFather's group. I would like to talk about the contents of anger and prevention. Feedback and comments are welcome.
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    Psychology is a bullshit industry to get into.

    People who are good at talking to someone. Making them want to help their self can't do ****. Take me for instance, I am such a negative person. I know I am. But if I got help and were put on medication for my anxiety and stress it wouldn't make no difference. Sure the...
    YourSecretAdmire22 YourSecretAdmire22
    22-25, M
    Oct 17, 2015


    "If anger's a gift then I guess I've been blessed" - Linkin Park (And One) I would say anger is a big issue for me, though I do not see red when angry like those psychiatrist's assessments. Does it make sense to label your emotions in colors?
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    Nov 23, 2013

    My grandfather's new love November 1,

    2011; two months before the death of my dog my grandmother passed away. She had been diagnosed cancer in her lungs and brain. There was nothing they could do. She went trough several surgeries, chemo... multiply doctors had been trying to find away to save her. But to be honest...
    IAmTheKitten IAmTheKitten
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    Manifest Anger

    The anger is evident and the individual is aware of it. Can be transient or chronic anger. Transient anger- normal response to every day tesnions. A natural reaction to frustrations and usually disappears quickly. Chronic Anger- a real problem ii personal adjustment..
    retiredfather retiredfather
    61-65, M
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    Lies Anger Tells Us - Part Two

    2) Revenge is sweet and once we get it we will feel better. Revenge does not hurt the person we are angry with. It actual causes damage to us - High Blood Pressure, aging, lack og love - etc.
    retiredfather retiredfather
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    Anger in "trivial" situations

    Maybe I've simply become less patient with idiots and stupid turds.  In a mundane situation, like picking up food I've ordered from a cafe or restaurant, I will get annoyed with the cashier's stupid *** joking and "friendliness" to the point where I get angry.  Shut the...
    TheThird TheThird
    Sep 6, 2010

    Lies Anger Tell Us - Part Three

    3) When you are angry you are filled with power and strength. However, when anger passes you often feel depleted and worn out.
    retiredfather retiredfather
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    New To Anger

    I'm about to turn 32 and I've never had a problem with anger. In fact I've always nicknamed myself "Mellow Yellow." I'm a very laid-back, no drama, doesn't get her feathers ruffled easily kind of person. Until lately. And the most disturbing part is that the person I'm angry with...
    CharlotteZen CharlotteZen
    26-30, F
    Apr 30, 2012

    Last night I was in the best mood ever

    before I went to bed no cares no nothing that was going to change my feelings. Than I woke up this morning let me tell you if I could and was angry enough I would have been able to flip my oak t.v. stand with the t.v. in it. **** this and **** that as I am screaming at the top...
    mistyparks27 mistyparks27
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