I Want to Talk to Myself More Postively

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    Come On, Play My Game!

    I'm creating this group for myself and for a wonderful young woman I've met on EP. Throughout the last 10 years of my life I have had periods of depression and anxiety, when I was not mentally well.  As part of getting well, I have engaged in improving the...
    GoldenArrow GoldenArrow
    31-35, M
    10 Responses May 9, 2009


    I have extremely low self esteem, and I'm constantly bashing myself. I know it's not healthy, and I know that if I don't stop, it is going to seriously make my obsessive compulsion with my appearance much worse. My EP friends and a couple of people in my day-to-day life have been...
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Dec 15, 2010


    Ok, well this is a worthwhile endeavor I think.  So here goes mine:   One thing I like about myself is that I never hurt anyone on purpose, through words or obviously any other method. One thing I'm proud of, and this will be controversial I'm sure, is that when I...
    DiscoveryChick DiscoveryChick
    41-45, F
    2 Responses May 9, 2009


    Yesterday I realized I need to talk to myself differently. The other day I had a procedure done so I had an IV put in. IV sites always hurt afterwards and this time was no exception. When I got home, I was putting some stuff away in the pantry and I hit my hand against the...
    kleisse kleisse
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 8, 2009


    I need to focus on my talents, not my faults. Anyone who manages that will flourish. it´s constant work though. That little voice that tries to point you to all you imperfections... Don´t ignore it nor listen. laugh it in the face. The voice may or may not be right...
    Joelisa Joelisa
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Sep 2, 2009

    Yes. No, Yes, No...

    I think I can do this, No I can't, I really can't, You can do it, No I really can't! Yes I can, No I can't, Ok maybe, Tomorrow. I'm ok with this, I know I'm not, But I'm going to pretend I am, In the hope I'll believe it one day. I think I can do this, And I guess I just did...
    XanthiaJo XanthiaJo
    26-30, F
    Oct 31, 2011

    Constant Work

    this is constant work that we all need to do. i used to be so mean to myself in my thougts. eventually though I asked myself "For who´s sake am I being mean to myself?" It´s almost like hating yourself or thinking you are inadequate or ugly just in case...
    Joelisa Joelisa
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Aug 8, 2009


    can i just say something to myself G.a in this group? you can do it.you can be strong no matter what..just dont ever give up just that..
    annasangels annasangels
    18-21, F
    4 Responses May 11, 2009
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