I Want To Thank A Lot Of People

Feeling grateful? ----- for the people that has done a lot for us, maybe we didn't 'had the time' to tell them, maybe we just can't figure how. Post it here. 21 People

    To My Mother.

    You're the first one i want to thank, you will always be my pillar, the first and the last. You are the only person in my life that has been there for me all my life, the only one that understands me and that has gone through the same that i have. I remember how i found you...
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    Move On To The Past

    To all of those people which have had a good effect on me, and I either never had a chance to thank you or I forgot my manners, I thank you now and may God bless you!
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    To My Father.

    Many years i hated you, i couldn't understand, i had nothing but grudges against you. I learnt to see, i understood that it's just the way you are, i learnt to see what you are and what you're not. You showed me what you really wanted for me, what you couldn't just tell me...
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    What Can I Say? Thanks A Lot.

    I want to say this to a lot of people in my life, because even i'm just starting going through this path, i've gone through a lot, and it was thanks to this people that i am who i am now. Anything i can write in here, it won't be enough to say how grateful i am.  
    jafetgx jafetgx
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