I Want To Try Orgone

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    Being All Charged Up, I Don't Run Down!

    It happened about 16 years ago - I was reading a Wilhelm Reich book on The Discovery of the Orgone when i noticed that there was an address given for the Orgone Energy Labs in Boothbay Harbor, ME and a website for same. I contacted same and had them send me a booklet on how to...
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    I Have Started Making My Own

    Orgonite has proven to be an effective way to change the world for the better. It mitigates harmful electro-smog. I have been gifting cell phone towers and other antenna arrays, and even other people. I have every type of orgonite device I know of. Power Wand, Holy Hand Grenade...
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    I'd Like A Necklace

    Orgone Devices balance energy into a positive state! This is the same energy needed to maintain your health. Orgone energy is the life force that spreads through out the physical body and gives us life or energy. Orgone energy can be felt quite easily as a kind of buzzing or...
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