I Want You to Ask Me Some Questions

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    A Little Q&A Session With Jennifer

    Ask away. This shows what I do in my spare time.. NOTHING Things about me if you can't think of a questions maybe these will help. 1) I'm married 2) I have twin girls 3) I'm a middle school teacher 4) animal lover 5) Love to run
    JennStone JennStone
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Nov 28, 2013

    just ask me a lot of questions im bored

    and i will answer whatever you ask me d{^_^}b
    PurpleMonkey34 PurpleMonkey34
    22-25, M
    1 Response Mar 8, 2016
    saboosa saboosa
    13-15, F
    Feb 18, 2016

    Ask Me Anything

    go for it. :) I'll try my very best
    spinandcatch44 spinandcatch44
    22-25, F
    7 Responses May 11, 2013
    StoriedLiving StoriedLiving
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 9, 2016

    Ask me any questions you'd like!

    I'd prefer if you'd reply to me with questions! (Like comment to this post) I will answer anything with a 100% truthful answer! :)
    MelMelrules76 MelMelrules76
    18-21, F
    10 Responses Dec 20, 2015
    izzyyxo izzyyxo
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Mar 13, 2016

    And I want you to ask dirty questions,

    as many as you like as dirty as you like xx f,18
    KindOfPoisonous2 KindOfPoisonous2
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Mar 30, 2016
    ashleyox92 ashleyox92
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Nov 23, 2015

    If yo like questions

    and your not afraid to be honest some are very personal then ladies please pm me with age location thank you but if your easy offended please don't bother thank you
    oldmanofuk oldmanofuk
    56-60, M
    Mar 30, 2016
    isabellamarii isabellamarii
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Mar 14, 2016

    Any girls into answering a few select questions

    some fun some personal some very personal but if your easy offended please stay away some are let's say explicit thank you just pm me ang and location
    oldmanofuk oldmanofuk
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Feb 26, 2016
    alissabd alissabd
    22-25, F
    9 Responses Dec 24, 2013

    My last class is canceled

    and it's to cold to get out of bed. Ask me stuff. Come entertain me.
    deleted deleted
    9 Responses Nov 9, 2015

    Ask me questions, make them

    as dirty, naughty, and imaginative as you can xx 17,f
    KindOfPoisonous1 KindOfPoisonous1
    18-21, F
    8 Responses Dec 22, 2015

    Go For It

    Bring the noise, yo.
    UnoriginalForumID UnoriginalForumID
    31-35, M
    88 Responses Mar 19, 2009

    ask me whatever you want to ask me

    and as many as you want
    PurpleMonkey34 PurpleMonkey34
    22-25, M
    Feb 25, 2016

    Go Ahead- Make My Day!

    I love to make new friends and part of friendship is learning all about their life.  So go ahead and make my day by asking me anything you want.  I am an open book and will always try to provide you a complete and honest answer.
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    307 Responses Feb 3, 2008
    bendadrummer21 bendadrummer21
    16-17, M
    2 Responses Mar 6, 2016

    Oneee laaaaast post I sleep xd Pen down your

    thoughts and questions in the comments below you'd probably have for me! No restrictions, and I'll answer all honestly and individually.
    iiTetraLoh iiTetraLoh
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Feb 26, 2016
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 9, 2016

    Ask some questions, make them

    as dirty as you like xx 17,f
    KindOfPoisonous2 KindOfPoisonous2
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Feb 7, 2016

    My cat is no longer alive to punch me in the

    face at 5am, and yet still I wake up at that time now, no matter that I usually get to bed around 2. Well played, Fee...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 12, 2016

    I'm not good at flirting at all.

    When I speak with the girl I'm interested in, I just be myself which is somewhat mysterious, brief in words, polite, kind, and attentive.
    JavierHunting JavierHunting
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 12, 2016
    deleted deleted
    8 Responses Sep 3, 2015
    FlyAnna19 FlyAnna19
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2016

    who wants to snapchat

    and have fun
    kingsab kingsab
    22-25, M
    Feb 27, 2016

    Just landed on this crazy planet.

    Figure this is a good way to meet some new folks, ask away,I am an open book
    deleted deleted
    Mar 3, 2016
    ihavepsychosis5 ihavepsychosis5
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 19, 2016

    Yes I do, make them interesting!

    (Keep in mind I said interesting, not sexual or pervy)
    TheMorticiansDaughter TheMorticiansDaughter
    16-17, F
    6 Responses Feb 7, 2016

    What do you want to know about a girl like me?

    Dirty and personal questions are more than welcomed
    Deadcatt Deadcatt
    26-30, F
    12 Responses Apr 8, 2016
    KindOfPoisonous1 KindOfPoisonous1
    18-21, F
    8 Responses Jan 13, 2016

    OK Ask Away

    I've been a member of this group for a while so I may as well join all the way. Anyone got any questions for me? I am a fountain of knowledge. Ask Away.. : )
    BlueGeorgia BlueGeorgia
    41-45, M
    71 Responses Nov 2, 2007

    Break The Ice....

    It seems easier to start talking to a person you don't know if you can answer some questions they might have for you. Conversations can grind to a halt when you don't know a person and then they might shy away from talking to you again. Questions keep the communication flowing.
    Temprence Temprence
    36-40, F
    14 Responses Jul 11, 2011

    Newbie Me!

    Ok, Ask away.... try deep meaningful questions that will tempt me to wax poetic.
    SPSave SPSave
    26-30, M
    87 Responses May 15, 2008
    xxzoom xxzoom
    18-21, F
    Feb 24, 2016

    Ask Away :)

    I'm bored at the moment lol , just add me and drop me a pm and I will reply whenever I am free :)
    deleted deleted
    19 Responses Sep 5, 2013
    BeadyEyes BeadyEyes
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Oct 11, 2015
    Sluttyruby Sluttyruby
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Feb 22, 2016
    chocolatecrazy9010 chocolatecrazy9010
    13-15, F
    1 Response Apr 10, 2016

    Ask whatever questions you want to ask.

    If I don't answer them then I haven't seen it yet.
    BabyGirlCleo BabyGirlCleo
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Nov 7, 2015
    notshortenough notshortenough
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 28, 2016
    41-45, M
    Mar 14, 2016

    I'm just curious to see

    if anyone is interested in what I have to say.
    JoRoMa JoRoMa
    18-21, T
    Feb 24, 2016

    Bored and looking for new friends on here.

    Check out my profile and ask me anything :)
    amysmithmomof2 amysmithmomof2
    41-45, F
    17 Responses Jan 12, 2015

    Pretty Please?

    I'm a 26 year old lady, the only sexual partner I've ever had is my husband, and you can ask me any question you like. Pick my brain. Any questions at all. No holds barred. Bring it on.
    MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
    26-30, F
    46 Responses May 8, 2012
    deleted deleted
    8 Responses Jan 10, 2015
    LunaKruna LunaKruna
    13-15, F
    2 Responses Apr 9, 2016
    Ghost711 Ghost711
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Feb 23, 2016

    Actually new to this

    so ask me questions and get to know me :) x
    deleted deleted
    11 Responses Nov 8, 2015

    Ask me some questions

    and I will answer then😋
    StoriedLiving StoriedLiving
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 15, 2016
    41-45, M
    1 Response Mar 14, 2016

    My names Christiana,

    and I'm free to message👌 I don't judge and if you ever need a shoulder to lean on I'm here.
    destineeecstasy destineeecstasy
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 2, 2014

    This Is Izanami and Hers

    This is Izanami and hers (splits) We never get asked anything because people either tend to avoid us or be ******** to us (which we be right back). Ask us some questions, no limits, and we'll answer.
    theshatteredsystem theshatteredsystem
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Oct 12, 2007

    Ask Me!

    Nobody ever asks me anything. So here's your chance to ask me lots of stuff!
    LylaRocks LylaRocks
    26-30, F
    12 Responses Oct 2, 2007

    I'm bored so ask me anything.

    Doesn't matter what. I'll answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge
    DarkAngel0001 DarkAngel0001
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 25, 2016

    im bored smoking and watching tv,

    inbox me some questions. im down with strange unusual interesting sexual whatever. :):) im 26 bi married sagittarius
    snelletrail snelletrail
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jan 4, 2015
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