I Was A Little Devil In Childhood

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    My Poor Parents...

    ..must have really had some showings up....but once at a very posh, extended family wedding I announced to a very strait laced great aunt that I wanted to be a ******** when I grew up...then flounced off and left my mortified father to explain how a 4 year old even knew what a...
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    Omgsh, I Remember

    I use to be obsess with toys, candy and my little stuff kitty in my mouth all the time. if I want, I want it all and my behaviors throwing little childish and *pounds pounds pounds* screaming like a little girl going around in circle.The worse part, when I was 7 or 6? i went to...
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    Oct 13, 2011

    Little Matt

    When ever family gets together the stories sooner Or later Turn to little Matt stories... Or when ever some little grand kid is least than stellar hes quickly Tagged as (little Matt)... I think ill start to post some of My child hood adventurous right here... This is a group i...
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    It seemed to me as a little boy

    that My mom had a endless supply of nieces, sisters and even cousins who had no knack for finding their own husbands.. My mom seemed to be... only to happy to pitch in and play match maker.. to get these shy girls hitched up with some poor unsuspecting Young airman and since my...
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    I say to my kids, "There is NOTHING that you can think of that I havn't already thought of and probably done when I was your age" My four year old though, is trying to out do me it seems. The other day he went into my bedroom, got all my toiletries out of the draw and tried on...
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