I Was A Severely Emotionally Disturbed Kid

For people that had emotionally disturbance/impairment disorders as a child and lived to tell about it 18 People

    Through The Eyes Of A Strangly Disabled Kid.

    It is kind of late at night, so I will not write something long... but many people wonder what a kid that has severe tantrums/meltdowns is thinking and feeling. I was that kid when I was younger. I was labeled with ADHD at that age, but it's been suggested I could have had...
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    Dec 3, 2010

    What Kid Obsesses Over Death And Pain? Me, Apparently.

    My earliest memories revolved around death. I always thought about it. I drew violent pictures with dead stick figures, X's for eyes, in coffins and at funerals. My parents saw what I was doing, but didn't say much. I thought about Heaven a lot, about what would happen if I...
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