I Was Born A Crossdresser, Not Made

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    Moving Forwards, Or Backwards To The Start?

    Well, I was born naked actually, so there's the equality of the sexes!But we do all go through many of the same sensory experiences in early life, and many or most men have either sisters or cousins or close girl friends as they grow up. Many boys play dress up, just like girls...
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    During the past few years I have been doing a

    lot of "soul searching" to figure out why I crossdress. I still don't know why, but going through my memories I have been doing this at some level at least as early as three. My earliest memory revolves around me trying to be more like my mom. Now if it weren't for the fact that...
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    I can remember at the age of 4 dressing in girls clothes with the girls next door. It seems and felt natural. I was attracted to the pretty colours and styles. I've been cross dressing ever since. I was born a cross dresser
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    Born This Way

    I remember from an early age being fascinated with girly clothes mens clothes always seemed ugly and uninteresting, i remember wearing my sisters panties at primary school once, they were so tight so i didnt do it untill wearing my mums clothes, ive always known i was a...
    DanniChan DanniChan
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    Mar 16, 2011

    About My Crossdressing Sex Experience.....

    Hi friends I am 22 yr old cross dresser from banglore name priyamani (pritham) a name given to me by my lover,I am bottom gay i involved in sex with boys n crossdresser since when I was 15 from 7 years I have done gay n crossdressing sex, till now with 5 guys n 3 crosressers...
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    Wondering Why We Dress

    When I first began to crossdress, I often wondered "why do I like doing this?" I really just could not wrap my head around the concept to fully understand it. No one ever asked me or suggestted I put on women's clothing - that was all my doing. When I was younger, I don't...
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    Started In The Kindergarten

    Started in the kindergarten. I was around 4, so i didn't know to much about my sexuality. We prepare for a little show, for our parents. The girls dressed to sunflower, and for that reason they worn a green satin miniskirt. It was so sexy, i liked it, and i want to felt on...
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    Feb 15, 2010

    Yes Born This Way, But Why?

    What is the etiology (fancy word for cause) of being transgender? It is very clear from a lot of research that there are three components involved. Genetic is one of them, we know this from twin studies, endocrine disruptors during pregnancy, and operant conditioning...
    sallystewart sallystewart
    Apr 26, 2012

    My earliest experience with dressing in girls

    clothes, I was 5 years old. My Older brother encouraged me to put on my sister's bathing suit. It felt so good next to my skin. I wanted to wear it all the time. I then tried her panties. I continued to wear her clothes, until she got married and moved out. Then it was mom...
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    I'm Sure I Was...

    ...no one ever made me a crossdresser, it just happened from a very early age, if someone had made me at least there would be a known reason for it, k x
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    Dec 3, 2010

    A Crossdresser From Birth

    I was about 4 years of age when I was caught wearing my sister's pink ruffled party dress by my mother. I was of course scolded and threatenned to have to wear it outside to play in if I did it again. I did but she did not follow through. I was hooked and have been dressing ever...
    Dawniel Dawniel
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    It's Not A Whim, Hobby Or A Phase.

    For the longest time, I've always loved crossdressing. Although, in my early 20's had very little oppurtunity to satisfy my hunger. I'm married now and have a very understanding wife. She knows about my crossdresing and doesn't have a problem with it, or so I thought. I was...
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    The Time I Was Caught

    ever since my first time crossdressing for halloween a couple years ago i have loved it when ever im home alone i go into my sisters room and put on her pantys bra cloths and makeup then i go and get my wig but before i put on my cloths i put the skin on my chest together and...
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