I Was Bullied By A Christian

Why do they keep trying to convert someone who is at peace with their life? I am not in fear of hell... They are. Let them lose sleep over it. 33 People


    I remember when i went to a church. I saw a lot of people, and i thought they were nice but when i tried to fit in everyone tried to show me that i couldn't fit in. I tried to be calm about it but i just kept thinking about it and because of that its hard to open up to people who...
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    Judge Not, Lest You Yourself Be Judged

    I don't care much for organized religion due to its rigidity, judgmental beliefs, and exclusion. I believe in man's right to worship his Creator however he sees fit. I do not think all Christians are horrible people, many of them are good, hardworking average folk like the rest...
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    The other day, I bought a piece of shite bicycle

    for $20 at the thrift store. I put some lube on that sucker and last night I rode downhill at 45 mph on the steepest hill in my city. I have free climbed (no ropes) up to 100 feet (35 meters). I have done rockclimbing to 800 feet (275 meters) vertical cliffs. I have...
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    Apr 28, 2014

    Middle School

    I hated middle school i went to saint Franis. My nick-name was he-she-it thing i had no friends and would spend countless days in office crying.
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    Fake Christians...

    They are not trying to convert me really. They are just plain mean. They obviously are just followers of everyone else. They think they are better than everyone, they say only they can do certain things (that are normal everyday people things like whispering to someone else...
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