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I Was Forced To Be A Girl By A Group Of Girls

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    Molested By My Babysitter

    When I was about 5yrs old I had a sitter who was atuff chick or a hood as we called them ,who went to a catholic school and swore nonstop huffing cigarettes nonstop,and tortured me nonstop.she and her gang would take me into the woods,encircle me,and laugh at me as they made me...
    raquel7 raquel7
    41-45, M
    Oct 6, 2011

    So I was at home once really really bored lying

    on my bed my sister Amanda comes in. She's 6 years older than me and she has sleepovers or slumber parties all the time. So she comes in my room and she asks " hey sissy-boy do you want go come play truth or dare with us down stairs" but because I know why she wants me to play I...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Nov 25, 2014

    I was quite flexible at my age

    but wasn't the most flexible person ever but uh yea sisters suck ***. :| So it started at age ten that I realized I was pretty flexible. Now of course some how Amanda (my sister) caught on. She one day brought me to her room and threw me on the bed. I didn't know what she was...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Dec 13, 2014

    Protest problems- So,

    how is everyone? Good, good. Okay well today I'm going to tell stories about my sister being a ****! It started when I was 6: My sister was 12 and she dressed me up. Years go by and I'm now 11 or 10 I don't remember. Well she dresses me up called me sissy and Sabrina but I...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Nov 26, 2014

    part 2 mansi roz mera laptop le kar apna

    project karti thi. dhire dhire mai usse baat karne laga tha . wo bhi mujse baat karti thi. ek mahine k baad mere mom aur dad outstation kisi shadi mai jaane wale the aur meri exam ki wajah se mai nai jaa raha tha. mom ne mansi ko kaha ki mera khayal rakhna aur wo dono chale gaye...
    sejal0406 sejal0406
    31-35, T
    1 Response Dec 5, 2014

    Part 3 protest problems- So I chose to be the

    surprising model over the baby girl and I regret existing now. My sister did something (I don't remember) and I woke up on a stage. My sister Amanda said her friends dad said we could use it since it was closed. I was wearing pink panties, a teal bra, really tight skinny jeans...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Nov 29, 2014

    My sister always dresses me up.

    I was forced in millions of ways to look like a sissy. Dresses and skirts and tops and even panties were put on my legs. I would refuse and protest only to make things worse for my self. My sister Amanda called me her little Sabrina and I was treated like a girl. More later I'm...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Nov 25, 2014

    So this a test No not school paper

    and pencil like sciencey mind stuff (If your a guy) -this is best if some one reads it to you- Close your eyes Imagine your in school There's some crazy mean girl who made people do things for things Your bye your locker when everyone else hides you don't notice her Until she...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Nov 23, 2014

    Here is a story with no part two

    or three or anything more. A fat one that just reaches hell by the time your done. Well anyway, here is the story! I was alone, at home. I heard the cars drive by and the voices of people outside on the gorgeous day. I heard the yells of children and the sound of their fake...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Dec 21, 2014

    I was in my mates house

    when we played truth or dare and a girl called Sahara ******** me naked and then told me to sit on her old couch when me went to sit i didnt notice a hole in the back what i didn't know was her mate was in the sofa with a 9 inch dilldo and it was lobed and when me sat down she...
    IwubCookies IwubCookies
    3 Responses Sep 12, 2014

    So here is a random experience

    that I need to let out of my mind. It may have been how I became so insane in my life. So here we start!- It was a whole month. My parents were gone for that whole time and I was stuck with Amanda my sister the entire time. She was in charge and I was guessing that I would be...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    2 Responses Dec 15, 2014

    I have enjoyed making fake stories like those

    that u have seen online and I believe I wish to make more so here we go! It was a dark and cold night on winter. Madison only needed some medicine from the drug store. He made his way down there and the people pointed and laughed. He ignored the people considering the clothes...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    Dec 22, 2014

    So as you all know my sister is.

    .. well you know and I'm tired of telling it. But there are some good sides to her and some major bad ones too. One she gave me a whit top that showed my belly and was really tight so you could see the bra, pink panties, pink bra, really right skinny jeans, and then dragged me to...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    2 Responses Dec 6, 2014

    Part 3 to my sisters punishments I had just

    chosen model feeling ashamed and she giggled and she called all of her friends and some of mine. I flipped out when my friends came over. I was behind some curtain in the basement but through the curtains crack I could see there was a stage and runway. I was tied up stuck in a...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    2 Responses Nov 27, 2014

    When I was in high school my friends

    and I used to hide my parents video camera in my closet and make boys from our school dress up in dresses and heels and make up. It was so hilarious we had videos of more than 10 guys!! It started as a summer project but surprisingly it was just so easy to get boys to do...
    mrskameronwilliams mrskameronwilliams
    31-35, F
    3 Responses May 25, 2014

    Part two to my ******* story of my sisters

    punishments So I was told I was going "shopping" to actually go "shopping". Of course it was a punishment though so I was forced to wear my sisters clothes. I had no make up and no hairdo of any sort so you could tell I was a boy in girls clothing. She dragged me through the...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Nov 26, 2014

    FANTASY Hi my name is Zach,

    or at least it used to be. I am exactly 4 feet and 11 inches tall and in the 9th grade. So by far the shortest kid around my school. I live with my Mom and sister, who is in college. I have my own room ad practically have the house to myself because my mom is gone on business...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 14, 2015

    So here part two to my flexibility- So I

    was last from last time knocked out and then woke up on the bed with the panties and matching bra. My nails were long and pink and my hair was extended with little thing put in it and I also noticed it was dyed teal. I was really mad and my sister just told me if I said anything...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Dec 14, 2014

    hi all, This is my fentasy story .

    i m weak in english so i write in hindi. mai ek 30 saal ka ladka hu aur mai parents k saath raheta hu mai final year mai padhta hu . muje bachpan se hi ladki k dress pahenana accha lagta tha . mere daddy businessmen hai aur meri mom housewife. hum log rich the iss liye ghar mai...
    sejal0406 sejal0406
    31-35, T
    2 Responses Nov 29, 2014

    When i was six or so my sister liked to

    cross-dress me and make me girly. Of course I hated it because she would put me in mini skirts and said to be"cute"tops and even panties were put on me. I had hoped she would stop when I was older. When I was 8 there were more panties,skirts,and said to be "cute" tops but then...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    2 Responses Nov 23, 2014

    Random song or story/poem I made.

    Tied to a chair was where I was woken, Only to find I wished I was broken, "She's just so cute they said and mocked." As I sat there feeling the locks I heard the click of chains behind me The ticks of clocks and I had to see I opened my eyes only to cry To realize I was no...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Dec 22, 2014

    When I was 8, I went to the playground one day

    and found no one there. I didn't know why because there were usually people there. I went alone because the playground was about four blocks from where I lived. So I went on the swings and 5 minutes later, Sabrina, the neighborhood bully, showed up. You don't wanna be around...
    cosmicdragon cosmicdragon
    18-21, M
    8 Responses Dec 11, 2013

    Am I the only one who wants to kill

    who ever laughed at me or encourages me to want to wear girly clothing? I was just wondering of its normal because I have plenty of people i despise and want to die in a fire caused by me after drinking either some grape flavored bleach( that was an inside joke) or a bunch of...
    Timelord47 Timelord47
    1 Response Dec 3, 2014
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