I Was In Foster Care As a Child

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    Should Of Opened My Mouth.

    I was put into foster care for ten months when I was in my early teens because my mum wasn't well enough to look after me. I was in two foster homes. The first I was only in for a few months but I had to leave because of distance(to far from mum's home) but the stay was short...
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    From the age of 9 until 17 i was in 3 different foster homes, it was hard at times but i count myself lucky as others have had more homes than that.   I hope to foster children one day, as a way of giving back & helping other kids who need it.    
    carissa carissa
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    I've been in this foster home

    for a few years now. the first year I bunked with this 16 year old who has 2 kids. She snuck bong rips in the group home. She was a kleptomaniac, stole so many personal items, including the tv And left her used feminine products in my cosmetic drawer as a surprise for me to find...
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    Stolen From My Real Mom.

    Reasonable Efforts? How about any efforts. My mom was physically disabled. She was investigated for having a messy house. How could she keep up with daily tasks? She was in a wheelchair. Was the social worker helpful? No. Did she offer my mom any services...
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    Dec 22, 2015

    We Were Foster Kids.

    this has always bothered me. mostly because people dont share their stories. although im not getting deep into this at the moment there are some points id like to just touch on. one is that foster kids are discriminated against ,despite the fact it usarrly isnt their fault. (im...
    weareallhuman weareallhuman
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    Hi, I am new to EP, as I'm navigating the sight

    I'm realizing this could be a good outlet for me, talk about some things that bug me, share some experiences. I'm somewhat of an introvert, my circle of friends is small, my family even smaller and I have a hard time sharing my feelings with anybody. So here goes....:-) By the...
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    Aug 5, 2015

    Time To Break Free

    I had a great father and mother growing up. Well up to the age of 5. Then my father had an accident that paralyzed him for life and ended up in a carefacility. We were poor having been from a reservation in the north. I barely remember my mother drinking as a young child. We...
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    i got put ina foster fam last year cuz ma dady

    killd sumbody n ma moma was adicteded wit crak n i livwit a white fam dat i think get mony 2 hav me bot dey nice i think cept da son bot he don liv hear so it cool n betta dat da foster fam b4
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    For over six years me

    and my younger sister(by about 21 months) were under the care of local Lutheran Social Services. We lived in a children's home from the time I was 7-8 until I was 15. Our mother was good. She tried. She was a single mother. Our supposed father,a foreigner, didn't do jackshit for...
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    My mother was on drugs a lot

    when I was a kid. And my brother Jacob and I were taken away by social services. We were both put into different homes and got taken in by different families. But I raised my brother. I took care of him from the moment he was brought home when I was six. He means EVERYTHING to...
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    Best thing to EVER happen to me!

    - At age 9 I failed a math quiz and feared the beating I would get at home. My mother didn't spank. She beat me with a belt all over my body and threatened to ***** my naked next time. I broke down sobbing while waiting to get picked up after school. My teacher and guidance...
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    I spent most of my life in foster care,

    some good experiences and others mostly bad. Today, I am a single dad to two wonderful boys, a college student, and working hard in life to accomplish my goals. I just want to offer my time and love to anyone in foster care that needs someone to talk to or share experiences with...
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    My mom gave me away becuse of drugs

    and beer so I went to her aunt and uncle then when I was 8 my real aunt came and got me secretly then then she told thelm she had me and I end up satying with her till I moved nwhen i was 9 real cloes to to my tenth b day in to foster care for 2 week becuse of drugs and beer...
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    My Sisters And I

    I was 2 years old when I was placed in foster care. My two sisters aged 1&3 at the time were placed with me. We stayed with a family as long as I can remember, they were Latino so we learned Spanish. They weren't too nice and constantly put us down. I remember once they told my...
    DGrimm DGrimm
    Sep 28, 2013

    Watching My Siblings Suffer-As I have said in

    other stories my two younger siblings and myself were sent to a Polish Orphanage, Dom Dziecka Warszawa 16, in Warsaw when I was 12 because my parents preferred to spend their nights in nightclubs instead of home with their three young children. Mind you, our placement amounted...
    BlipsieSwag BlipsieSwag
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    Mar 3, 2014

    As a child, my parents died.

    My mom died and then my father died. My first foster mother brain we ashes me of how they both died. She tormented me and she would choke me and dig her nails into my skin. She never beat me because she knew the agency would see marks on my skin. In the tub she would always drag...
    Kadypril Kadypril
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    Once A Foster Kid, Always A Loner!!

    I never really had happy childhood to start off with, but foster care only made those pains and emotions worse!My mama was always a druggie and my dad didnt claim me.. I had one brother (1 1/2 older) he was always the favored child. He never did anything wrong! After moving back...
    MizUnderstudd MizUnderstudd
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    My parents died when i was 2

    so i never really got a chance to know them and i was bounced around foster homes until i was eighteen the longest i stayed in one place was two years when i was 14-16 and i consider the boys i lived with for those two years my brothers
    tanney tanney
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    I went threw the foster care system a few times

    when i was younger. all i remember were a few things. but all i did was cry and more crying. ik that's just sad. but I guess I was scared from being in a new place .
    flowergirl1997 flowergirl1997
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    My experience in foster care was relatively

    positive. My mom and dad started using drugs when I was born and when I was three, someone called in anonymously and my sister, my brother and I were taken and put in the system. Our first foster home was scary and I had to sleep in a child's crib. We were only there for three...
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    Short Version

    I went into the system at 3 and aged out at 18. The short story in between is 27 foster homes, abuse of every kind, separation from my sister at 10, several visits at the psych ward, group homes, arrests, drugs, drinking, rape, death, fighting, lots of fighting, and 1 good foster...
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    How I Ended Up In Foster Care

    It seems like such a short time ago, but in reality it was more than 20 years ago. I remember the day my little brother and I went into foster care. My brother and I were staying in a motel with our mom. My mom had gone on a crack run and it was well into the wee hours of the...
    SomeoneOutThere SomeoneOutThere
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    31 Permanent Placements, 4 Group Homes, 3 Institutions. Its Not Easy Being A Foster Kid, Or Afterward...

    I have been through a lot as a former foster child, and when you age out of the system its not much easier. The discrimination you receive when people find out is horrible. There is no support, and little is done about it (thrown into an apartment and given $3,000 with the...
    xxxelectrojunglexxx xxxelectrojunglexxx
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    Recently Found A Quote That Perfectly Somes Up

    The Experience-"A child never perceives the thought of life without parents, and when it does happen, it can shatter the child's heart and tear down any sense of security. Children in this situation are forced to either die in the tragedy or find a way to live and survive it...
    BlipsieSwag BlipsieSwag
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    Apr 5, 2016

    Born into a family over run with suicide

    and addiction it was only a matter of time before DFS stepped in our lives....Not long after I was born my father suffering from schizophrenia committed suicide. My mother suffering from a Manic Depressant disorder started seeing someone a few days after my father's death. The...
    Crh4112 Crh4112
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    When I was 3 my dad left

    when I was 9 my mothers drinking smoking pill mixing and beating problems got out of hand so C.A.S. Had to take over and take me and my brother to a foster home at first we resisted then we finally accepted that we would never be with our mother again. The first year or so she...
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    What Did Your Best Foster Parents Do?

    I joined this group because my wife and I are considering becoming foster parents. Our kids are older 18 & 16 and we feel we have a lot to offer a child. I joined this group because I wanted to find out what we could do to be the best forster parents. At first we were...
    888jake 888jake
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    I was fostered from before the age of 7 up

    until I was 17. Does anyone know if there is a group on Facebook (as that is where I am most) for adults that used to be in fostercare...sort of like a support group? Thanks for your help :)
    sweetchilliphilly sweetchilliphilly
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    What Was It Like?

    That's what people want to know most often. Really? You can't find something better? Okay, I'll tell you. Imagine you climb in the biggest, tallest, scariest rollercoaster you've ever seen or been on. Preferably one that made you throw up repeatedly once you got off (our maybe...
    cerrulis cerrulis
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    Yplo Yplo
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    Jul 23, 2014

    I want to write a book about our foster care

    experience and how it has affected us now. If you would be willing to write your story and allow me to add it to my book I would be more than honored to. I want ppl to know what we went through and I want young kids coming into the system having something that they can read...
    Crh4112 Crh4112
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    3 Responses Aug 11, 2015

    I haven't used this site in around 2 years

    maybe, but i saw this and figured i might as well get closer from the past. I was a frequent child in care but honestly its amazing how much a system can change you. I love my foster carers even though i am no longer with them, things change in life and sometimes it makes you...
    YourMyLove YourMyLove
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    2 Responses Dec 6, 2015

    I was taken by CPS at age 3.

    Went back as forth between 2 foster homes for 2 years, adopted at 8, moved out of adoption parents house at 14... I lived in 5 different house holds before turning 18.
    katcard katcard
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    ALWAYS a Foster Child

    DEB56 DEB56
    2 Responses Aug 23, 2008

    I know that my experience in foster care has

    shaped me greatly. I would like to count the blessings and wonderful experiences I've had from meeting a nice family. on the same token, there was also bullying, verbal abuse and misguided direction. I read that most foster care kids battle through some depression and lash out...
    Wellnezamy Wellnezamy
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    Jul 26, 2015

    The Foster Child Noone Wanted

    i was in foster care because my biological parents beat and raped and tortured me and my sisters i was adopted at 19 months i thought things would change boy was i wrong they put me back in foster care because i told a friend about my dad raping me she told her mother and her...
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    I went into foster care in UK

    when I was 9. I went through four homes in a year, then the last one adopted me when i was 11 The only decent one was the last one. The first one was temporary one, and i don't remember it much, various kids came and went. I think there were 4 or 5 of us there. The second was...
    jansc jansc
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    Feb 13, 2016
    immatruelover immatruelover
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    I was about I think 3

    or 4 years old when I was placed in foster care. My siblings and I were placed together, sometimes seperately depending on who was with who home alone at the time. My parents would leave us home alone in apartment from time to time and didn't care. I can't talk for them because...
    Lphanstory Lphanstory
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    When I was seven years old,

    I was taken from my home and placed into foster care. Neither my sisters or me could figure out why. Later, we found out the abuse we received from our mother was illegal. Since we had been beaten so many times, we thought it was completely normal. When we were picked up, we had...
    HopeForEverybody HopeForEverybody
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    2 Responses Apr 24, 2014

    My name is Danielle Hogan,

    I have a story to tell, a tale to be told. I was certainly not dished an easy hand in life. At the age of 3, I tragically lost my mother Elizabeth Ann Coyle, due to Lung Cancer. So then, it was just me, my sister that was 9 years old. And my father, 2 years had passed. I was 5...
    danielleannhogan danielleannhogan
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    2 Responses Nov 11, 2014

    still am. im actually in a kids home right now

    and have been for the last two years, but my social worker is looking for a new foster home for me. ive been in foster care before but it went wrong so im kinda nervous about doing it again
    deleted deleted
    Jul 21, 2015

    After my mother died I thought I would stay in

    my foster mother's home until I was 18. The plan was she would adopt my little brother. She offered to adopt me and I said no. I really thought she was sincere about letting me stay. I was only there a month when my mother died. A short time after that things got worse with...
    SomeoneOutThere SomeoneOutThere
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    2 Responses Dec 15, 2013
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