I Was Mentaly Abused By My Dad

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    Mental Case

     My father abused me when i was little verbaly and physical. My mom and dad are alcoholics and drug addicts. My father would always say i was a trash and that i was not wanted and i should have never happened. He would stick me out on the streets and make me go up to random...
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    My step dad used to try

    and 'toughen me up' when he realised I just wasn't like that he started mentally abusing me, he would say I was a girl for not liking fighting and would treat me like a daughter both me and mum were terrified of him and we were both physically abused.
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    Your Not Good Enough

    Why the hell can't you be like your brother? your to stupid to be a human being let alone My son. I ought to kick your *** right now. you stupid bastard, go kill yourself. this is what I grew up hearing all the time between beatings then as a adult I was publicly humiliated at...
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    My Dad Loves Inappropriate Words

     I always love my Dad, but I just can't take this abuse no more. It seems like my Dady have 2 personalities; he could be so funny and warm to us, but mostly; very rude and do whatever he want. My Daddy was always expecting perfections from us, he doesn't even care about the...
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    Dear Dad,

    Let the ranting begin...Dear, DadI am sorry I am not the perfect child you wanted. The one that would do everything for you silently and not say a word about it. I am seventeen and don't want to be your little slave any more. Yes, it is time for you to get up and do things...
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    My dad would call me fat and other names in the book. He has made me feel really bad about myself.  That I've developed a eating disorder because of it.
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    My dad died when I was young and I was forced to live with a stepfather for several years who hated me (not lying); and would come down on me most of the time. I was fragile due to the recent events that had occurred in my life and so was easily hurt.
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    Feb 23, 2013

    Love To Hate?

    I love my father when I was younger,and still do now. No matter what he does, I love him. He at least has stuck by my mom and tried to be there for me and my siblings. My story isn't one of flat out abuse, perse, it is one of "joking" abuse. I don't know if it is joking anymore...
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    My dad's just never even been there for me. You know how much I've always wanted to be daddy's little girl?.. But i never was . He never cared. I don't know how i can care so much about him, when I probably don't even cross his mind. Ever. But that's okay. I don't cross many...
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    Feb 8, 2013

    The Father Who Wasn't

    It is hard for a young man to grow up without a father. It is even harder for a young man to grow up with half a father. My dad did not reveal that he was actually my father until I was 4. Up until that time he had been, to me, my mother's friend. He was not the man I wanted to...
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    My Dad Had Two Sides

    My dad died when I was 17, which was five and a half years ago. Although we didn't get it confirmed, he probably had Dissocial Personality Disorder. He had two "sides" to his personality; one caring and sweet and one that was almost demonic. He prevented me...
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    Go Ahead And Kill Yourself..

    That is what my Dad said to me last year at a time when I was feeling suicidal. He still says this sort of stuff to me. So does my Mother. I used to want my parents approval. I accept now that we will always think differently, and I will never get their approval. My Dad has been...
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